Saturday, November 25, 2017

find the joy

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i was on a random app and don’t even know what company/ad to attribute it to. {although that’s not what nudged me to glance down at my phone anyway}
but on our drive back home today these words flashed across my phone screen and then froze in my heart to remind me (and maybe you) that THIS is what this season is about.
dislike your circumstances? 
ok. find your joy anyway.
hard to get through the holidays?
ok. find your joy. it’s attainable.
not crazy about the people in office?
ok. are you going to let them steal your joy too?
the second i start losing focus on things that matter and begin focusing on the “wrong” in my life or in the world at large, the more the enemy is able to steal what belongs to me.
and for me...that’s joy. because even in the hardest moments and the most difficult times He has remained faithful. all i have to do it recall one of the many moments in my life that i have been covered by grace and my heart starts bubbling over again. sometimes i can do that on my own and sometimes a sweet friend texts, or calls or just gives me a hug to remind me...don’t discount those “little things”!
seasons come and go but the Lord never changes. and His JOY is my strength.

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