Friday, March 28, 2014


it's my birthday, and i want to write
i want to spill out words all over the page to tell everyone how amazing, how hard, how blessed, how difficult, and how wonderful life has been since the last time i wrote in this place
and at the same time, i feel like it would be ridiculous to
that year (almost) is done
and i feel like even though we did so much living during that time
if i couldn't find the time to chronicle it then, well...there's really no reason to write about it now.

so here's the very short version of life since last july: it happened
i laughed (a lot), cried (not as much) and the majority of the time was amazing.
i am very blessed to live this life.

i'm not saying i'll never tell you anything from the past few fact there are some posts aching to be written about recent events. but i will have no regrets if i don't get every word out. after all, i was living my life...

but this blog is a part of that life. which is why i'm here.

i do hope that this post will launch me back into blogging. i miss it. i miss the connection across the screen and the way there is really community between posts. i plan to begin the rounds again, visiting blogs i love and have missed almost as much as i've missed writing here. i plan to write here, the good, bad, ugly and beautiful that i have always spilled out in my little corner of the interwebs.

but i know that life, it happens.
i know that i won't be here as much as i'd like. even if i'm here daily.
i know i won't comment on every post that moves me, even when i desire to.

but i'm not done here. by any stretch of the imagination. so if any of you are still reading this little blog, i'm some capacity at least.

i miss you all, and can't wait to visit your lovely blogs soon :-)