Thursday, January 27, 2011

thursday's ten: kids shows

i've been totally slacking on the blog the last few days -- a fact not lost on my love who has repeatedly asked when i was going to post again.  this probably isn't necessarily the post he's looking for, but...

today's ten are the shows that i can actually enjoy with the children while babysitting/nannying.  believe me, it's not hard at all for me to come up with a list of WAY more than 10 that grate on my every nerve.  but here are 10 that i enjoy.

1.  phineas and ferb
(um, i may have this set to dvr.  at my house.  where there are no children.)
2.  berenstain bears
(it's kinda a throwback to my childhood...i LOVED those books.  now if only they would do a show of amelia bedelia.  i'd love that.)
3.  curious george
(while i think the man in the yellow hat is pleasantly clueless and possibly dumb, it's a pretty cute little show.)
4.  little einsteins
(maybe i'm just a fan of the music ;)
5.  olivia
(it's just the right amount of cheeky for me.  ha)
6.  good luck charlie
(another that i'll watch on my own.  and the older set that i babysit like it)
7.  veggie tales
(of COURSE.  i love it)
8.  max and ruby
(ruby and max!  sure, their parents seem to be absentee but the kids are all right ;)
9.  sesame street
(i don't love the flying fairy school portion, but the rest is liveable)
10. wordgirl
(yay for positive role models for girls, yes?)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .7

(visit amber for the original)
hey, it's ok

... to have a of those fla・vor・ice popsicles in your freezer just for yourself
... to never have ANY desire ever to watch shows like jersey shore or the bachelor or any "real housewives of blahblah". HOW is that remotely appealing?!
... to get excited about date nights :-)
... to think that sweet tea is quite possibly the best.beverage.ever.  (except water, of course)
... to dislike the musical guests of 90% of the shows you watch.  
... to stay in your pj's on a day off (at least until you go out!)
... to dread taking down the Christmas tree (yes, it's still up.  and that's ok too.  ;)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

it's a great day to say goodbye to the snow...

it's melting away...
ah well, it was a fun week

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Ten: about snow in tennessee

as the rest of the country, tennessee is kind of buried under snow at the moment.
and i think it's thrown everyone into a bit of shock!

you see,

{1) we don't get snow here very often.  once a year (well, season), normally, and just a light dusting (at least to my indiana-born eyes)
THIS season we're on our 3rd snow.  2 in december and 1 now.  which started on sunday.  which brings me to my next point...
{2} i've never seen snow last for more than 2-3 days here.  but it keeps.snowing.  which means we have a few MORE days of the white stuff even after it finally stops!
{3} some places have 5-6 inches of snow!  this is unheard of!  i only have a couple of inches, but my travels this week have taken me to some of the deeper snowed in areas.  i'm kinda loving it, i can't lie
{4} NOT drive well in snow
{5} however, in their defense they usually have more ice than snow.  and tennessee is really hilly...much more so than where i grew up!  and even though it's been way more snow than ice this time around, they're expecting it to be as per usual, i think.  so we're driving down completely clear roads at 30 mph.  sigh.
{6} and school may as well be canceled for the month.  they haven't gone all week, and they've used up all 4 snow days plus 2 now.  because i work for educators, i have only worked one day this week (when she asked me to come over so she could run errands).  i JUMPED at the chance to get out of the house.  however, i am babysitting today, which means that i'm earning some extra cash which is really nice!
{7} all the sleds are sold out everywhere.  of course, not many places had them in stock, lol.  must.find.a.sled by this weekend.  my friend brittany and i have major plans to go sledding if we can find one!
{8} as i've mentioned a couple of times, we have awesome citywide snowball fights on the first day of a good snow.  if this season is any indication, there may be a couple more of these this year!
{9} tires.go.flat.  or low.  it kinda drives me crazy. 
(note to self: stop by gas station on the way to teaching piano today to pump up.  again.)
{10} but for all our mess, we're nowhere near as bad as atlanta.
noon on wednesday, atlanta

how about you?  or are you just so sick of the snow that you'd rather write about 10 things OTHER than the snow? :-)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hey, a video from the snowball fight where i DIDN'T fall on my face! :)

or the other end. ahem.

#ArticBlast2011 Nashville Snowball Fight from Winston Hearn on Vimeo.
(i'm about 30 seconds in, big pile of snowballs. but it's a REALLY well done video!)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .6

hey, it's ok

... to have a giant snowball fight.  in a park.  with some great friends...and a whole lot of strangers :)
... to have wiped out while running a charge in said snowball fight.  and to find out that a whole lot of people may have got it on film.  including 1, 2 or 3 news crews.
... to have slept in approximately every day of break.  hey, when you've got to be at work shortly after 6 am sleeping past 7 is "in"!
... to be contemplating whether or not to chance babysitting tonight...clients live a little out there on a bit of a country road.  could get interesting :)
... to kind of want to take emi outside to get snow pictures.  except that emi HATES snow...

(pics from snowball fight)

(and a video where you'll see me wiping out.  trust me.  you'll see it)


3 in 30

i love the idea of this!  little goals, 3 at a time, for 30 days at a time!
i found the challenge on this amazing blog, undeserving grace and since it's technically too late to join the actual challenge, i'll just post them here and then join for real next month!  hopefully i'll get my 3 in 30 completed so i'll have a brand new set next month!

here are my 3

1.  play the piano daily.  it's on my "30 before 30" list, and honestly it's something i should be doing as a piano teacher ANYWAY!
2.  exercise 5 out of 7 days each week.  i'm shedding pounds at this point, and grateful for it, but it's mainly because i'm MOVING.  so i need to keep that up!
3.  have a more reasonable bedtime.  i have found that 7 hours of sleep seems perfect for me, so that means i may need to be in bed by 10/10:30 on the nights before my early work days.  and you know what?  that shouldn't be a problem.  so my goal is 7 hours of sleep per night every day...with a few days of allowing 6 hours if there's a late night event or something.

join in!  it'll be fun and rewarding :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

monday's memory: the one with the girl in the snow

january 2007 was the first time i got a GOOD snow in a good long time
i was a happy girl

of course, last year we had some snow too
and this year we are on our 3rd snow of the season!
i'm currently sitting as a winter wonderland is swirling down outside
when it's all said and done we'll likely have less than an inch
but that's all this girl needs :)


Sunday, January 9, 2011


after the craziness of today, we could all use videos like this.

here's hoping for the full recovery for Rep Giffords.
here's hoping for healing for the other victims and families.
here's hoping no other judge is shot down in the line of duty.
here's hoping no other innocent child is killed in a senseless act.
here's hoping that political "leaders" no longer use the phrase "in the cross hairs" or speak of "eliminating" opponents.
here's hoping that people who follow such "leadership" wake up a bit to the consequences of those words.

here's hoping that tomorrow is better for us all :)

Pass it On TV Spots Hope | Values - Pass It On


Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's a great day for just a wordle

happy weekend everyone!
love this little wordle-- lots of important words in it! 

have a good one!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday's Ten: MORE!

has anyone else felt that air of excitement yet?
it's a different feeling than i've ever felt at a simple flip of the calendar
it's...more anticipation.  more amazement.  more delight.
i can't explain it...but in talking to some of my friends i know i'm not alone in this.

i've decided on my word of the year.

it's not a material thing at ALL.
more of a spiritual, relational, and well-being thing.

and here's what i want more of in 2011

1.  God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.  MORE -- way, way MORE.
2.  healthy habits.  more water, more veggies, more fruit, more sleep, more exercise
3.  more provision, more opportunities to make money while still allowing me to continue investing in people that i love
4.  more opportunities to give, more money to tithe, more ways to help
5.  more time with anthony, more time spent in purposeful love and connection
6.  more trips to see family (his and mine), more time spent with loved ones here
7.  more girlfriend time.  more cell group, more chick flicks, more glasses of wine, more mojitos, more road trips
8. more communication with those i love via face to face, phone, email, facebook, text...whatever way keeps me in touch!
9.  more writing, more reading, more reflecting
10.  more opportunities to practice and use the gifts that God has blessed me with. 

what do you want more of this year?  join me in believing that there is MORE to be had in 2011.  as one of my friends said the other night: " heaven".  meaning it's right there ready to drop down.  come ON!


Monday, January 3, 2011

monday's memory: the one with the (cold) girlfriends

it was a chilly night, january of 2009
meghan and laura and i ventured out on the town to enjoy some live music
(nashville has plenty of that!)
and stopped to pose for a quick picture outside mercy lounge

i love time with my girlfriends.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

sunday's song: how He loves

i can't even begin to tell you the power this song has for me
perhaps because i first heard it at a point in my life when i was REALLY beginning to realize God's love
perhaps because nearly every time i hear it it's like that thought renews in my mind
perhaps because i always look around the room at others worshiping and see on their faces that they get it too

it's such a simple lyric
but what a powerful thought
do you know how much He loves you??

i love this version of the song.  particularly when kim walker (the soloist) tells everyone that you'd better just brace yourself...because it's SO true.  if you haven't encountered His love?  brace yourself.  it's coming.  :-)

much love,
(His and mine)