Monday, March 30, 2009

A barrage of photos and video...

Right off the nature channel...ew!

I Love how the Bengal tigers stopped and posed for me (top left pic)


Not Me Monday (version 2.0)

Before I get into all that, please continue your prayers for Stellan...I know they're much appreciated!

Now, on to confess what I have and (have not) done over the past few hours...

So my birthday weekend (was not) amazing and fun. We (did not) spend Friday with great friends playing rock band, eating jerk burgers {my request...I (do not) LOVE my beef!}, and teaching guessed it...hand and foot. We (did not) leave at a very late hour and I (did not) stay up until 3 am watching tv after Anthony dropped me back at my house. I'm (not) a night owl at heart and (did not) decide to indulge that part of me.

Saturday I most certainly (did not) sleep in and upon waking (did not) decide that since it was my birthday I would be lazy and do nothing of a productive nature...I (would never!) do something like that. It (was not) an absolutely *gorgeous* day, which (did not) thrill me since it had been predicted that it would be rainy and gloomy all day long. That afternoon I (did not) go to rehearsal and then sing at Mass...and we (did not) have tornado watches and warnings by the time service ended at 6 pm! We (did not) decide to still go out to a Mexican place for dinner with the choir, and I (did not...absolutely DID NOT) end up with a sombrero on my head...and there is (absolutely NO)
photographic evidence of this on multiple cameras!

Sunday I (did not) end up piddling around getting ready for church and my friend Angie's visit that I was late to class with the youth was all good though :0) After class and church we (did not) go to the zoo where the main attraction (was not) WHITE BABY TIGERS!!! :0) Our zoo (does not) have them for only a couple of months, so this (was not) a special thing. Of course, Anthony (did not) drag me into the reptile house on the way... :0) On the way out of the zoo we (did not) stop by the gift shop where I (did not) fall in love with a stuffed white baby tiger...which Anthony (did not) sweetly buy for me.

After the zoo I (did not) babysit for a small groups--I (did not) get to play with 4 adorable boys between the ages of 11-22 months...and they (were not) a ton of fun! And after I (didn't) do that, I
(did not) drive back across town to my house, where one of my best friends from high school (was not) waiting for me at my house...because she's (not) here to spend a couple of days! We (did not) turn around and immediately go to the Pub, which (is not) one of my favorite places, and I (did not) meet up with some other friends there.

I (do not) have pictures of all of this posted on facebook, and I certainly (will not) post some of them here. Oh, and I most certainly (don't) have video footage of the WHITE BABY TIGERS :0)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Blog if I Want To!

Just checking in to do a couple of things...

This week's weekend wordle:

And my 6 Word Saturday:

It's My party on!

Yep, it's the 28th and I am 28...My mom emailed me to let me know that she kept a calendar from 1981 and that all the days this year line up exactly like the days from that year. We-ird!

The birthday has already started well--Anthony took off 1/2 day today. We were going to go hiking but because of the rain we went shopping instead :0) Then we headed to our good friends' house to have dinner and play games and just hang out. We played some rock band and then taught them our favorite card game--Hand and Foot. Had a BLAST. And it'll just continue on for the weekend--going out with friends tomorrow night and then Sunday afternoon A and I are going to the zoo (to see the brand new white tiger cubs!). On Sunday evening, one of my best friends from high school (who I wrote about here) is coming to spend a few days, and I'm taking her to the PUB...yay!

And since we're about 3 hours past my bedtime now...I will end this party :0)


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- The G Spot

Not THAT kind. Come on guys. :-P Was challenged over at Fine Family to do this, so I decided to make it my Top Ten list for the week!

I was given the letter "g", and instructed to come up with 10 things I love that begin with that letter!

1. grass clippings -- the smell of them, at least
2. the color green -- while it's not my favorite, I do seem to use it in my decorating a lot!
3. giada on Food Network -- her recipes are amazing and I have about 3 saved to try very soon!
4. the state of being green -- NOT the same as the color. I love recycling, using my shopping bags and CFL's, drinking from my SIGG instead of plastic water bottles and generally caring around the environment. I truly feel that's a God-given initiative, even if it is trendy these days!
5. green tea -- ok, I need to make a pact that no more of the ten will include the word "green". so in the interest of making this number all about food, here's more things I like: gargonzola cheese, garlic, greek meatloaf, greek anything, gooseberries, ginger, gingerbread, gravy...and grand marnier alcohol!
6. no more of the ten will include the word "green" except for this one...the greenway by my house. Walk, run, jog, bike, walk your goes all over Nashville and I love it!
7. games -- whether board, card, computer, video or simply word-sparring, I love them all. Anthony is quite pleased with himself for getting me hooked on Halo...
8. german food and culture -- I tend to pay more attention to the irish side of me, but oh I love my german side.
9. grace -- it's saved my life. literally and spiritually.
10. gifts -- giving them is just as good as receiving them. and gift cards are awesome. :0)

Now for the fun -- if you're reading this and your first or last name begins with a C, J, H, A, or're tagged! And your letter is... B.
(please do comment and let me know if you're playing so I can come read your blog!)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Funny Side of Faith...

It's always good to laugh, right? In fact, the other night Anthony and I were reading our Lent devotion over the phone and one of us tripped up on a word which sent both of us into laughter for a few minutes. My comment at the time was "I'm glad God's laughing with us"

And I meant it.

I think sometimes in the day-to-day life I can take myself--and God--too seriously. Don't get me wrong on this at all--God is to be revered, to be honored, to be given the utmost and ultimate respect. But if I don't assume that He laughs with joy when we are happy (just as He cries when we cry) then I feel like I'm not respecting ALL of who God really is. Does that make sense at all?

So...because I just need a laugh these days, here's a few faith-related funnies.

(this one still has a message)

An entry from one of my new favorite bloggers.

And all you have to do is search "funny church signs" on google to see some examples of human-botched words that turned out pretty darn funny :0)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recipe of the Week -- Fabulous Potatoes

I'm deviating from the norm today...I normally don't post casserole recipes here but it IS nearly Easter and this is a favorite on our Easter buffet each year.

Fabulous Potatoes

2 pounds frozen hash brown potatoes (I use Ore-Ida)
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 tsp salt
1 can cream of chicken soup (I use healthy recipe)
2 cups medium grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cups sour cream

Mix all ingredients together. Place in buttered casserole dish, drizzle about 1/4 cup of more of milk over the top, and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes


Titus 2 Tuesday

I love these Tuesday posts more and more :0) Join us by clicking on the question!
What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

Today I'll tell you about Sharon. Sharon is very possibly the sweetest person I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. We met when we sang together and eventually we were in the same small group together for a couple of years. That small group disbanded 2 years ago when we found out that her husband and another woman in our group had been having an affair. It was a HARD time for all of us in that group and obviously the families involved were devastated. Sharon and her husband had 3 small children when it was brought to the surface. They eventually left our church, which was the right move for them, but I miss them SO much even though I try to get together with them often.

It's amazing to watch Sharon and her husband write a new love story together. In the last 2 years they have had a fourth child and have recently announced that they are pregnant with their 5th (we think that the oldest child, a boy, is praying overtime for a baby brother--he currently has 3 little sisters!) For her parenting skills and her obvious love for her husband and commitment to their recovery together I admire her. For her genuine friendship, I love her. She amazingly finds time in her schedule to check in with me and continues to amaze me with her deep faith.


Monday, March 23, 2009


I joined in on this contest on Tiffany's blog today, with an older post of mine. The contest is all about Optimism...and while I wasn't in a great place when I wrote this post, I think it reflects the optimism I had (have) about the future in a very real way. So...there ya go. Visit, vote, and visit the other links of these amazing women!


Not Me Monday

**upon actually visiting MckMama's blog, it appears as if her baby needs prayers. Please take a moment to think of this family**

It's time again to confess what we (have not) done over the past few days...head to MckMama's blog--click on the button--for more information and to hopefully join us!

I (have not) been a jewelry making fiend over the last week or so and (have not) sold several pieces which (are not) sitting on my dining room table with envelopes addressed ready to go out. I (did not) go to buy jewelry boxes for the giveaway winners the other day only to find out that the store (was not) sold out of the proper color, so I (did not) decide to go on a rampage across middle Tennessee today to find the right boxes, because I (am not) obsessive about that!

I (did not) have a wonderful friend spend the weekend with me. We (did not) sit around and chat, take our recycling off, and just shop around random stores all weekend. I also (did not) just give her directions to meet me at church yesterday instead of making the drive back between obligations. I (would never) be an awful hostess like that. Oh, and in the directions I (absolutely did not) accidentally type "40E" instead of "40W" and that (did not) send her in the complete opposite way of where she should have been. I'd (never) type up directions late at night and make a silly mistake like that.

I (did not) go play cards--Hand and Foot--on Saturday night while my friend went downtown to see her sister in dance competition that just happened to be held here while she was already in the area! I (did not) absolutely LOVE being invited to this party. We (did not) have 3 games going on at the same table, it (was not) a freaking blast, and my partner and I--we drew for them, so it wasn't A--(did not) win. I (was not) sad to see the game end and (do not) look forward to doing that again! {They (do not) hold these tournaments monthly and it (was not) the first time we had been invited as a couple and not just as subs}

At church yesterday I (did not) have friends of mine ask if their 4 year old could sit with me while they did a reading. She (did not) climb up on the seat, hand me a book and proceed to eat cheerios the entire time she was there. She (did not) have the most solemn face the entire time. And last night at dinner, my friends (did not) tell me that she was sooo excited to sit with me, and had actually chosen to sit with me over another person she absolutely adores. I (did not) laugh at the irony.
{by the way, Anthony (did not) come in while said 4 year old was sitting in "his" seat, and he (did not) sit with some friends 2 rows back...and absolutely (did not) sneak into the seat as soon as he had a chance. Cracked me up}

I (did not) take my friend to Trader Joe's yesterday at her request {and I (do not) have the hugest crush ON Joe}. I (did not) nearly hyperventilate when we walked through the doors. I (do not) do that every time I go. It (is not) a good thing that TJ's is across town from my house because I (would not) make an excuse to go there more regularly if it were closer.

And I (did not) buy daffodils at TJ's. Why would I do that when they're everywhere around?

Oh, and in my garden that (is not) almost completely brown...I (did not) notice yesterday that my tulips are blooming! Finally it's (not) spring!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday's Song

Isn't it amazing how a song can touch you right where you are, and didn't even realize you were? It was like that for me this morning as we sang this song downstairs with the teens. It's not that I'm living empty, it's not that I'm depressed, it's not that I am trying to fill some huge and awful's honestly that I want MORE of Jesus in a way I've scarcely experienced in my life. It's a refreshing and deepening hunger for what I already have.


Hungry, I come to you

For I know You satisfy
I am empty, but I know
Your love does not run dry

So I wait for you
So I wait for You
I’m falling on my knees
Offering all of me
Jesus, You’re all this heart is living for

Broken, I run to You
For Your arms are open wide
I am weary, but I know
Your touch restores my life

So I wait for you
So I wait for You
I’m falling on my knees
Offering all of me
Jesus, You’re all this heart is living for

(again, before playing this video you'll probably have to turn off the music player on the bottom left sidebar. sorry about that :0)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Following in the Steps of Others...

One of my oldest and dearest friends came into town yesterday, and so I've been enjoying my visit with her rather than keeping up with blog stuff. I'm sure you understand :0) So I'm taking a moment to copycat a couple of things I've been noticing on my friends' blogs lately.

First up: My weekend wordle

Secondly, my 6 Word Saturday:

Spending time with those I Love.

And finally just a thought about the title of this post:

Often in my life I have balked at the idea of "following" something--whether it be a person, and idea, or anything but my own independence. And in many cases this has served me well. However, it's not an entirely healthy way to live life. After all, I am supposed to follow in the steps of Jesus. And if I do that, I am following in the steps of so many who have walked before me on this journey of faith. When I think of it that way, conformity doesn't seem all that bad.

Don't get me wrong. I may walk down that same path, and get to the same destination...but I am marching to my very own beat--one that I fully believe God created just for me. And that, I think, is healthy and good. I don't think the way everyone else does, and I don't "buy into" everything just because other Christians tell me I should. But at the end of the day, I know what, WHY and most importantly WHO I believe.

And you thought this was going to be a silly post of the same old blog stuff, didn't you ;-)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Ten

Had a bit of a block today. It's bad when seriously consider writing Ten Things I Need to Get Done Today. Or Ten Things to Buy at Target Later. Or Ten Reasons I Want to Go Back to Bed. So today is all about "better things"

Ten Things to Look Forward To

1. a visit from an old friend this weekend
2. a clean house (because of aforementioned visit)
3. Hand and Foot (card game) tournament that the boyfriend and I have been invited to play in this weekend...woo-hoo!
4. Sunday worship at my 2 churches
5. getting paid... :0)
6. working in my garden a bit--I got SO excited this week when I saw a bit of green amidst all the brown and realized that my tulips are getting ready to bloom and my rosebush is priming for spring and summer
7. spring officially begins tomorrow!
8. playing Little Big Planet and watching Dark Knight with the boy tonight. Oh, and he's cooking dinner for us. Fun!
9. getting outside more for exercise now that it's becoming beautiful in mid-TN and possibly joining WW (again with the boy) to gain some healthy eating habits. I think I do fairly well in this area, but the last 20 pounds or so say that I could tweak a few things!
10. my birthday next week :0)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Mosaic

1. Type the answers to the following questions into flickr search
  • what is your first name? Lora
  • what is your favorite food? pasta
  • what high school did you go to? Pike Central
  • what is your favorite color? red
  • who is your celebrity crush? Bono
  • favorite drink? coffee
  • dream vacation? Mediterranean
  • favorite dessert? creme brulee
  • what do you want to be when you grow up? a mommy
  • what do you love most in life? God
  • one word to describe you? loving
  • where do you live? Nashville
2. Use only the first page to pick an image.
3. Select the size of boxes as 3 by 4

4. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Mosaic Maker

Lora And Orange, 2. SouthWest Chicken Pasta Salad, 3. Swann Fountain gold #2, 4. Red Umbrella, 5. Bono @ Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man Premiere, 6. coffee & the city, 7. Mediterranean moon, 8. Crème Brulée, 9. { mariner's wife }, 10. When Waves Collide, 11. "love comes from the most unexpected places...", 12. Walking Bridge in Downtown Nashville.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

Today I'd like to talk about Erin.

Erin and I met when I was visiting the Catholic church that I now regularly visit. A friend of mine who played in the handbell choir invited me to go out to eat/drink with them right after mass the second time I visited, and Erin was among the people at the restaurant. I was honored to meet her--she was the cantor with the choir and I was blown away by her amazingly beautiful voice and spirit during service. I was even more impressed with her personality and charm in person.

We had been chatting for a few minutes when we realized that we both lived in the same sub-section of Nashville...then in the same neighborhood...then realized that our townhomes are a building away from each other. Small world! In further conversation I found out that her husband is one of the worship ministers at the church...and this lead to some pretty serious involvement in their music and worship ministry on my part. I made sure they knew that I'm not Catholic by birth or conversion, and they were fine with it. So yes...I sing in the early mass choir on the way down the road to Woodmont most every week!

Erin has become a wonderful friend. She has taught me so much about perseverance. Shortly after I met her I found out that her mother had terminal cancer. In February of last year she passed away. Then Erin had surgery on her thyroid--which took her out of singing for about 6 months--and they found out that she too had cancer. Her brother died of cancer this past November. I have remained heartbroken for her family through all of this, and yet she remains so full of faith and optimism that she ends up encouraging me every time I speak to her.

When I lost my job, she became one of the people who created something for me to do--babysitting her dog, and reorganizing her entire filing system. I was so appreciative of this gesture from someone who I had known for just a little over a year.

Erin is a woman of strong faith who inspires me to rise above any circumstances that come my way. She is an amazing woman and I am SO proud to call her my friend.



Thank you for all the fabulous entries! Here are the winners of the earrings from my giveaway last week...thank goodness for, because I would have had a VERY hard time drawing a name out of a hat for this one :) I was pretty meticulous at getting everyone's "extra" entries put in...


I'll be contacting both of you within the next few minutes!

Also, since there was SUCH an overwhelming response to this giveaway, I've selected 2 other winners. These people will be able to choose from the Allegra earrings, or choose another pair of earrings from my etsy shop.

All-American Preppy

Thanks everyone! I'll be listing another giveaway soon...this was fun!

OH...but it's not over. If you buy something from my etsy shop and mention THIS POST in your seller notes, you will receive 25% off your order. Just wait for an adjusted bill from me...don't pay right away.


Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

The Veggie Tales version of St. Patrick's story...

This holiday is among my favorites.

Here's to you and yours

And to mine and ours.

And if mine and ours

Ever come across to you and yours,

I hope you and yours will do

As much for mine and ours

As mine and ours have done

For you and yours!

May the roof above us never fall in.

And may the friends gathered below it never fall out.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Post: 100

I made it! Thanks to all of you who supplied questions for this! I've kind of broken this up into categories so that it's easier for you to read and me to write..

First up, the answers to my five fun facts post.
1. My favorite food is ice cream, followed closely by chocolate.
(this is absolutely false. I am not at all an ice cream lover--I used to hate it, I can stand it now. And chocolate I can live with or without).

2. I have nieces and nephews that are older than me.
(true. My half-siblings are 28 and 25 years older than me, I have 2 nephews and 1 niece is older, and 2 nieces and 1 nephew who are younger, but within 3 years of me)

3. I entered college as a music education major, flute as my applied instrument.
(true. I changed to a vocal applied within a semester though :0)

4. I grew up in one of the largest cities in Indiana.
(haha--FALSE. One of the smallest towns, actually)

5. I taught middle school for 4 years and loved most moments of it.
(absolutely true and I hope to go back to the classroom soon)

Now for your questions:

How you met your boyfriend?
Anthony and I met in August of 2007 when he was assigned to the same group of middle school students that I was working with. We became fast friends and eventually (during the summer of last year) realized that we both had "stronger than friends" feelings. After a whole lot of soul-searching and talking (and him asking our youth minister's "permission") we got together just about a year after we met.

What's your favorite feature about your boyfriend?
His faith and love for God. I've always wanted to find someone who would love God first and then me, and I have.
What's your favorite thing to do with friends?
I'm all about a Girls Night In...or Out! Chick Flick and a few nice drinks...or just out on the town

Your favorite place? Besides my couch :0) I think anywhere with water is a favorite of mine. The beach, Radnor Lake here in Nashville...there's something about water that just draws me in.
Favorite recipe?
This one's entirely too hard, so I'm categorizing it.
Beef: Greek meatloaf
Soup: Tortellini Minestrone
Chicken: poppyseed chicken (followed closely by pepperjack)
Dessert: Tiramisu
Vegetarian: A ginger stir fry with all the veggies I have on hand and japanese noodles. Yum.
what is YOUR favorite color?
Red is my absolute favorite color. I have to stop myself from making more red jewelry and buying more red clothes.

General Life
What was your most embarrassing moment?
I have this wonderful ability of saying something completely innocent that can be taken the wrong way. Most of my embarrassing moments have to do with publicly saying something that turns out to be a sexual innuendo without meaning to. There was also the time I fell flat on my face in the middle of campus *right after* chapel, so most everyone saw it.

What would you like to accomplish in life...(besides the regular girl dreams of marriage and family...)?
More education--I hope to get my doctorate eventually. Also, I want to somehow volunteer in or open a center that helps counsel young girls with eating disorders.

What is the thing about yourself that you love the most?
My smile (physical) and my personality

Or for something more deep, what childhood dreams do you still hold onto, at least a little?
I've always held onto the "mother" dream. And a very small part of me still wants to be the musician on the road, although I realized a long time ago that wasn't the life for me :0)

What are some places you want to travel to?

My top five US places are: NYC, California coastline, Seattle, Charleston, New Orleans,

World: Ireland, Australia, China, New Zealand, Greece



For my question, here's a bit of you press your toothpaste from the middle or from the bottom?

I squeeze from the middle

If you could vacation anywhere in the world for a full month, where would you go?

I'd probably take a Mediterranean cruise. That sounds like heaven.

Hmmmm. If you could turn back the clock, what time would it stop at and why?

Honestly, I try to live life without regrets and I really like where I am in life right now...except for the whole jobless thing. I think I would stop it mid-July and follow my instincts to apply for a teaching position in the system I used to teach in. I squelched those feelings and I REALLY wish I hadn't.

if you could be an animal, what would you be?

I have cat-like tendencies. I like to nap in the sun, stretch, and can be rather aloof when I'm in a mood.


How about favorite singers?
Wow, that one's hard! I love Ella Fitzgerald, Bono, Sara Groves, Michael Buble, my friend Michael
How about your top 10 recommended books. Or the last 10 books you read.

My 10 recommendations would be: The Shack, Captivating, Girl Meets God, The Five Love Languages, Blue Like Jazz, The Book of Uncommon Prayer, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, The Secret Life of Bees, Real Sex and The Kite Runner


What made you start "blogging"?
I enjoyed the myspace blog feature so much that I started my own blog space. Now I rarely even log onto myspace (I'm a facebook girl), but I still love getting my thoughts out there.
Hmmm... What is one thing you told yourself you'd never do, but then did?
Become part of the statistic that most new teachers quit within the first 5 least I made it 4! And I'm going back. I hope.
what made you decide to get into the jewelry gig?
Some online friends of mine posted instructions on how to make earrings. I tried it...loved it...and the monster was born!
what is the one material thing your friends would say you cannot do without.
Hmmm. Probably my phone or computer!
what is some crazy that you want to do
I want to travel the world. That's not really "crazy"...I want to run a marathon someday. Does that count?
My question: How long have you been blogging?
I've had a blogspot since 2007. If you count the myspace blogs though, since 2005.
If there was a movie about your life, who would play you?
Maybe Sandra Bullock? She always seems to play those quirky and loveable characters :0)

Got this from my new blogging friend, happyascanb

I am…a daughter of the King
I think…of weird and random things quite often
I know…that I am well-loved
I want…a job!
I have…wonderful friends
I wish…I could lose weight healthily and keep it off for good!
I hate…traffic
I miss…my skinnier self :0)
I fear…being alone
I feel…thankful
I hear…the tv.
I smell…very little at this point, since I'm stopped up!
I regret...nothing. The best advice I was ever given was to live life without regrets, and that's what I've tried to do.
I love…my life!
I care…very much for those around me
I always…laugh when Emi chases the laser light
I am not…your average girl. Just ask the boyfriend :0)
I believe…in God’s grace.
I dance…not well, but I love it.
I sing…as much as I can
I write….mostly for my own pleasure, but I enjoy it
I win...rarely.
I lose…my keys if they're not in the key bowl
I never…want to bungee jump, parasail, or anything else that involves hurtling my body through space.
I a pretty eclectic mixture of things
I can usually be found...with people I love. or at church!
I’m scared of…unemployment.
I read…when I have the chance
I forget…people's names entirely too often
I just…cleaned the house
I am happy about…so many things


A 25 Random Things About You post I wrote on Facebook a couple of months ago

1. I can get lost for hours in the baby clothes section at Target or pretty much anywhere. Actually I can get lost in any sort of baby section, or any Target.

2. I'm kind of a tv/electronics junkie. One of the first items on my "buy when I'm fully employed again" list is a Wii. I say that it's because I want WiiFit (which is 100% true--I do). But I'm just as excited about the other games that I'll get too :D
(I blame it on 18 years of no tv.)
3. I use proper grammar when I text. I can't stand writing "RU goin 2nite?" and other such things. Like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. The rare occasion that I've done it to save room on a text makes me squirm.

4. I'm getting more and more attached to blogging and reading blogs. If you have a blog you should give me the address. I'll stalk you too.

5. I have an unhealthy love for office supplies.

6. I'm really distracted by the Starbucks logo on the right side of this page. If I weren't in a tank top and shorts right now I'd probably be headed out the door for a latte.
7. I love traveling and seeing new places. I prefer to go with someone I really like--a close friend...or alone. I have a lot more fun that way. Maybe it's selfish, but I have a lot more fun that way.

8. I never seem to get enough sleep. I wake up in the morning and while I stumble through my morning routine I plan out a time later to take a nap. Usually there isn't time to take that nap...but for some reason I can't go to bed early. Like, ever. I try and end up laying there staring at the walls for hours. Ick.

9. I take pictures all.the.time. I think my friends have become used to the flashes by now. I also scrapbook and have plenty of them tucked away in the house.

10. I've always been a people person and thrive on being surrounded by people I love. However, I don't let a lot of people "in" as far as my personal life goes. I'm actually a very private person but if you are in that inner circle I'm an open book.

11. As much as I love being around people, I do need a healthy dose of "me" time each week. I go crazy if I can't just sit in my house for awhile by myself.

12. I'd rather watch a crime show than just about anything.

13. I believe sweet tea has healing properties.

14. You have chocolate? I'll probably pass. You have mint chocolate? I'm in. Especially if it's mint chocolate oreos.

15. I'm pretty passionate about politics. I'm sure you haven't noticed. :0)

16. I'm a big fan of Impressionism. Monet is my absolute favorite. When I'm in a museum with a Monet I could stand in front of it for hours on end.

17. I could eat ranch dressing on just about anything.
18. I love organic and natural foods. I'd shop exclusively at Whole Foods and Trader Joes except for 2 things. 1 - expense. 2 - they don't have the really yummy non-organic stuff like jalepeno cheetos.

19. I am not even remotely in the realm of "morning person". Usually my alarm goes off multiple times and I finally get up because my cat is pawing me in the ribs. No really. She has incredible aim.

20. I really attempt to be "green" in a lot of ways--CFLs, reusable shopping bags, a Sigg water bottle, cloth napkins, real instead of paper towels, etc. But I fear that I'll never be completely green. For one thing, there's the San Pelligrino water I keep buying. At least I recycle the bottles...?
21. When I'm babysitting I LOVE playing with the kids and watching the general cuteness. But my favorite part with a baby/toddler? Putting them to bed at night or down for a nap. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'll have nothing to do while they're sleeping, and everything to do with the sweetness of a little one all snuggled up while you read and sing together.

22. I love fashion and clothes/shoes. But truth be told, yoga pants, a tank, and flip flops are my choice if and when I can get away with it. Or those little exercise skirts that my friend Sarah introduced to me last year!

23. I recently noticed that I have a pretty sizeable scar on the side of my left knee. And I have absolutely no idea where it came from.

24. I currently have a couch in the breakfast area of my kitchen. It's from my former boss (blech). I moved it into the kitchen to make room for the Christmas tree and I kind of like it there. It matches the paint perfectly. Is it weird to have a couch in your kitchen?

25. I love to entertain, whether it's just a quiet intimate dinner, a girls night or an all-out party. I haven't done it in awhile, but on my list of "things to do when I'm fully employed again" is a big bash to celebrate. Stay tuned... :0)


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Not Me Monday

I've seen this all over blog-world and have decided to finally participate myself!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ok. So here goes.

I have NOT had a headache for about 2 weeks straight now, and that has NOT affected my emotions like crazy. Meaning I absolutely did NOT go emotionally spastic at least twice within a week's time with, no, not me. Thank goodness he's a good man and takes it in stride.

I did NOT stay up way too late last night with the full knowledge that I didn't have to "work" today. I am NOT too old to do that, and did NOT feel the effects this morning...I most certainly did NOT fall asleep about 3 times after the first attempt to wake up.

Ah well.

Tomorrow is NOT St. Patrick's day, and that is NOT one of my favorite days of the week...and I am NOT hosting a get-together because I am NOT excited about St. Patrick' all.

This is NOT my 99th post, which means that the next post will NOT be my 100th post, where I will NOT answer all the questions you've sent me. You do NOT have about 5 hours to send more questions, because I definitely am NOT working on the questions already!


Sunday's Song

Today I was on the praise team at church (which means worshipping from 7:30-12:30, give or take). It's such a blessing to watch the faces of the congregation, to see them standing impulsively and lifting hands, to observe the changes that are visible on each face. This Sunday was especially "special" though.

Today we talked a bit about our church's history (Dean--our pastor--played a clip from one of the founding minister's sermons which made me tear up--Rubel was the pastor there when I arrived and even though he left us only 2 years after I joined the church he had a tremendous impact on my life. Anthony was affected even more by this--Woodmont is the church he's grown up in). So it was an amazing and sweet service just within the sermon and other elements. Randy (my friend and our worship minister) chose songs that were "landmark" songs for our church, and I thought it was only appropriate that I share the one that was especially important to Rubel. It's an oldie...just warning you...but has special meaning for our congregation and for that reason I love it.

His Grace Reaches Me

Deeper than the ocean and whiter than the sea
Is the grace of the Savior for sinners like me
Sent from the Father and it thrills my soul
Just to feel and to know that His blood makes me whole

His grace reaches me
Yes His grace reaches me
And will last through eternity
Now I'm under His control
And I'm happy in my soul
Just to know that His grace reaches me

Higher and the mountains and brighter than the sun
It was offered at Calvary for everyone
Greatest of treasures and it's mine today
Though my sins were as scarlett, He has washed them away

His grace reaches me
Yes His grace reaches me
And will last through eternity
Now I'm under His control
And I'm happy in my soul
Just to know that His grace reaches me

Isn't that a beautiful message?

By the way, I'll be posting the answers to my "facts" post soon. And there's still about 24 hours left to ask me a question for my 100th post :0)