Thursday, April 19, 2012

thursday's ten or so: the smashville edition

reasons to love smashville during the playoffs:

local preschoolers teach their classmates the fan chants...not limited to "hey, you SUCK" and "we're gonna beat the hell out of you!

the fact that nashville is really a small town becomes apparent when the local celebs get into the action and you realize they are just as big of a fan as you are (cue vince gill starting a new chant during his performance last friday "bertuzzi is a sissy" and getting the entire arena to join in the fun.) say what you want about country music (and i may even agree) but you gotta love these guys.

webering becomes popular

on the way home from church while listening to the game on the radio, you and your husband can sing the ENTIRE song/chant when the preds score their first goal of the game.

you can paint your fingernails in fun colors that you normally wouldn' this!

at the arena everyone is bundled up and wearing oversized clothing so you don't have to feel self-conscious about those 5 extra pounds
(i mean, i still do. but you don't HAVE to.)

you discover that you can listen to live radio broadcasts of the game on your phone because there really is an app for that

usually the traffic circle peeps at demonbreun are decked out in playoff gear. i forgot to look when i was on music row yesterday, but here's last years!

the city suddenly seems to unite around the games, and you start to wonder if we are becoming more of a hockey town than a football town (which would be fine...)