Thursday, June 21, 2012

thursday's ten or so: a few new (to me) things

things i have done over the past 3 weeks that i never imagined i'd do

- fixed a hearing aid that had split in two (hard not to figure out when the child hands it to you and says 'my ear broke!')
- pulled an entire outfit out of my car at the last minute to participate in water day
- helped four 5 year old little boys get outfitted in princess dresses and shoes and watched them put on a dance show
- set the alarm later than i've done in recent memory and MADE myself stay in bed until it went off (twice)
- handed out veggie straws for a snack and didn't eat even one! (several times)
- wore surgical gloves to change a diaper. because it's required, not because it was that bad of a diaper.
- wished for a surgical mask because it WAS that bad of a diaper.
- successfully negotiated between teachers who didn't want to do what a parent had asked, and said parent. (for the record the request was NOT unreasonable, and the parent won. as they should have. tiny preview of what i'll be doing full-time in the seems that it will be necessary to remind others that we are here to serve and support families...)
- worn close-toed shoes every day for a week (because it's required to not wear sandals that have a strap between the toes...and i don't own any that don't...ick) {but bonus: i get to buy new toms!}
- laughed when a fellow teacher was surprised when i had only been there 2 weeks...she thought it had been at least 2 months. i think that's good? maybe?

so...that's why i haven't been around much lately.  lots of first, lots of exhaustion, not to mention the other random stuff happening.  90% of it is good though, so no worries. and i plan to be back more full-time here soon!


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Brooke said...

any excuse to buy new shoes right?? :)

sounds like you're killin it at the new gig!!!