Friday, January 13, 2017

I moved quickly and efficiently though my classroom, first doing a quick sweep of the hall, shutting the curtain, locking the door, and turning out the light.  I had already instructed all my students to remain calm but stay absolutely silent and move away from the windows, even though we are on the second floor. My heart racing, I pulled down all three blinds in my classroom, murmuring to each student who I felt was sitting too close to a window to move a bit further away.

Finally, I ran to my office to pull down the shade in that room, surveying quickly to see if we would all fit in case I felt it was necessary. (But moving there might draw attention, so I'm really going to have to judge the situation as it develops).

I returned to my desk, noting the large eyes that grew larger as they saw a shadow moving outside our classroom door. Fear sparked in their eyes as they realized the knob was moving.  I tried to smile reassuringly, but the dark figure in the slim window rattling the door was disconcerting.  

Students remained still and silent as my thoughts raced.  I tell my students often that my first and most important job is keeping them safe.  Normally that is safe from emotional and social threats, but this is a reminder that I am absolutely responsible for their physical well-being as well.

Thankfully the drill was over within a few more minutes.

Fire and tornado drills do not affect me this way.
They do not affect the students the same way either.

Being shot at school is not something we should have to prepare our children for literally from birth.


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