Thursday, May 17, 2012

thursday's ten or so: the summer bucket list

my friend angie posted on facebook the other day that she had created a summer bucket list. so being the amazing friend that i am, i decided to steal the idea :-)
(it's not REALLY stealing if i give you credit, right angie?!)

so here, in no particular order, are {some of} the things that i'd like to do at least once before summer is over!

go whitewater rafting
take a camping trip (i cannot believe this one is on here...i have NEVER been camping. but anthony loves it so i want to give it a try!)
visit holiday world (most likely with angie!)
see the ocean at least once...hopefully for a long weekend!
host a summer bash at our house just because
do at least one 5k even in the ridiculous tennessee summer heat
jump on a trampoline 
run through a sprinkler
harvest from the garden (hopefully this is ongoing...ha!)
set up the hammock and spend quality time there
hike radnor at least once a month
implement some fun summer pinterest ideas :-)

i'm sure the list will get longer as summer progresses.  but that's a good {fun} start :-)

what do you want to do this summer? anything i should add?


1 comment:

Brooke said...

a 5K is doable, just allow yourself some grace on the pace front - heat definitely slows ya know!