Saturday, September 8, 2012

it's a great day to get more fingernail polish

today's agenda: cook, clean, go to target and buy a new shade of nail polish (because why not), play games/watch movies with anthony and his sisters (they're hanging out today and tomorrow with us), babysit for a family i used to nanny for (i haven't seen the kids for awhile so i'm really looking forward to that!) and just...chill.  i'm good with that plan.

how about you? anything crazy happening over your weekend?



redbullcupcakebatter said...

So I have to know...what nail polish did you get? :P

yonca said...

Hı Lora,
It has been a while. It's good to be here again.A lot of crazy things happend all year in my life actually. İt takes so long to explain here tough;) Life is full of surprises and
I like your 'today's plan'. I need a new nail polish too. And..for me top on the list of my daily plan today is going out with my two wonderful friends and enjoy my me time.xx