Monday, October 15, 2012

monday's memory: mr & mrs, a year later

so a year and a week ago, we were getting married.

and then last week on monday, we had been married a year
even weirder

when people have asked me how married life is this past year 

(and there have been a LOT of those people asking that question)

i always have said "i finally feel normal. like this is how it's supposed to be."

and that may not be a glowing recommendation of marriage

or the warm fuzzy newlywed right thing to say
but this us? this is RIGHT. 

i have no other ways to say it
except to repeat a few of the words i said to anthony the day of our wedding as we exchanged vows
"I think my deepest joy on this day
Is that from now on…
I get to experience LIFE with you"

and i love this life we share :-)
our actual anniversary: zoo, buying books for each other, yummy dinner

and cutting into the top layer of our still-amazing-tasting wedding cake :-)



Brooke said...

congratulations!!! :) may it grow sweeter with each passing year.

Mattie said...

Happy Anniversary!