Thursday, October 18, 2012

thursday's ten or so: on the tv edition

so, between the debates and all that, i've found time to add a few new shows to the plethora i already watched ;-) in no particular order, here are a few shows that are new this fall that i've made it a point to watch at least one episode of. 

1. go on
2. the new normal
3. elementary
4. nashville
5. last resort
6. guys with kids
7. made in jersey (which was canceled already...)

i also have plans to check out
8. chicago fire
9. partners
10. revolution
11. the mob doctor

i kind of make it a point to watch a few episodes before deciding whether i will continue watching a show or not. so i'll reserve commentary on any of the above for awhile, but i'll say that so far i'm enjoying most of them! it does help that half of them are only 30 minute shows that i can easily watch while prepping or cleaning up from dinner :-)

are you watching any of this season's new shows? what do you think so far?


1 comment:

Brooke said...

i like last resort, but revolution got too violent for me (i'm a weinie)

i think i'm going to do a book edition of thursday's 10