Monday, September 10, 2007

A New Fan is Bourne

Ok, before anyone points it out...yes, I realize what a cheesy title that is :0)

SO. Yesterday I sped back to 3rd service from our youth retreat, and a few of us went to lunch afterwards. Randy and Calvin started talking about how they had gone to see the 3rd Bourne movie the day before and it happened to come up that I had never seen any of the movies. Which led to Randy saying 'well you must come over tonight at watch the first', which led to us planning a taco salad buffet and getting to R & LJ's house about 2.5 hours after we finished lunch :)

I totally loved the first movie. C & K had to leave when it was over, but Randy looked at me and said... "I happen to have the second movie in our video cabinet if you're interested...

What's a girl to do? Of course I said "bring it on"

So I now have to see the 3rd movie. Anyone up for going in the next few days? Anyone?

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