Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday's Ten

Ten Goals for the Next Ten Years

1. get my Master's degree (in *something*)
2. join the FBI (I am completely freakin' serious!)
3. either be married with children, or have adopted a child
4. own a house in Franklin (or surrounding area)
5. be debt-free, as much as possible (I'm very close to it now, but I want that to continue!)
6. volunteer at or open a center that counsels young girls with EDs
7. have regular, good sleep habits
8. have traveled to Ireland (it's the 5 year plan, actually), most of the US that is on my list, Australia and Spain.
9. have good contact with the friends I've met and loved along the way
10. continue to live life without regrets.

I'd say that's a lot to achieve in 10 years, but I think with a lot of prayer, faith and determination I'll be there...or in a place even better than I could imagine.

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J-Mi said...

Masters in something, huh? What's your bachelors in?

JennyBunnyEtsy said...

Wow.... Amazing goals!