Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Week's Ten

Not even close to Thursday this time:

10 Ways You Know You're In a Play

1. You work on your choreography in the aisle at the grocery store
2. People tell you that you are more energetic that normal...this comes from constantly being "on" during rehearsals and staging...and leaks into everyday life
3. You're constantly wondering why you can't feel the spotlight on your face
4. Radio stations do not have the appeal they normally do, as you're constantly singing the tunes from the show
5. The two year old you nanny for knows all the steps to "7 Daughters of Jethro" and helps you out when you forget them.
6. If you're home for more than 8 hours at a time (including sleep time!) you wonder what's wrong
7. You can't have a conversation without mentioning something funny that happened in rehearsal the other night
8. You lay awake at night pondering your stage makeup application.
9. You've said "I can't. I have rehearsal" so many times in the last couple of months that you've lost count.
10. You're happy to have your life back after the closing night...but so very sad that it's over.

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