Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 5K...or Downfall by Donut

The day dawned bright and WAY early, and Kat (who had spent the night) and I made our way to the fair town of Smyrna, TN.

The thing about Tennessee is that they love to confuse people with their directions. Hence this random picture of the road that lead where the 5K began. "East Enon Springs West" the sign reads...

Did I mention it was early for a Saturday morning? Hence the thrilled looks among us. Can YOU find the morning person in this group?
(left to right is A's aunt, granny, mom and sisters Hailey and Kat)

I noticed this wonderful car in the yard of one of the houses we passed. Klassy.

Hailey and I were the only 2 that actually ran any of the 5K. Neither of us ran very long, but hey, we did it!
And we finished together!

Anthony's mom and granny finished together too, and were laughing at us as we cheered them.

then came the refreshments for the participants...
beginning with water

but then...

came the amazing

We all enjoyed them

Oh, there was healthy food...

and oh, there was Chik-Fil-A

but donuts

Donuts screamed our name

To be completely fair, I only split a donut with Kat, and since we had burned over 500 calories according to my handy treadmill/pedometer app on my iPhone...I figured we deserved it.
Plus these donuts were AMAZING.
I even brought one home for A.
Which we split.

Next 5K: January 23, 2010
Nashville Zoo
I'm running at LEAST half of it, perhaps all of it.



Sassy Chica said...

Fabulously done!!!
You go ahead and enjoy as many donut's as your heart desires!!!

Sassy Chica

Kaylen said...

Awesome job!! Any running at all is a huge deal - good for you guys for doing what you could. :)

Homemade donuts?? I'd try to run to get there first too...

Brooke said...

great job!! :) you can definitely run all of the one next year if you want :D it just takes a couple months of training.

and the donuts sound devine!

HappyascanB said...

Congrats on completing your first 5K! Those donuts sounds divine!!!