Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's Ten: True Confessions, Bloggy Style

Confession is good for the soul
And sometimes good for a laugh or two!

Today's Ten is all about confessing. I'm not talking deep dark secrets here (unless you just really wanna)...more of the silly kind of confessing.

Ten Confessions of Mine

1. Sometimes, just for a minute or two, I really think my stuffed animals can hear me and feel things. Guess that child never truly vanished.

2. I love love LOVE McDonalds. I know it's weird, especially for my former ED self, but dangit quarter pounders and sweet tea are the bomb. I DO limit myself to visits. Well, with the burgers at least. Hard to beat $1 for a large sweet tea.

3. I have an unhealthy adoration of ranch dressing. I have been known to lick it off of things and out of containers. It's like this with all condiments--I could eat them on their own. It's just that ranch is my FAVORITE.
(remember the Will and Grace episode with this dialogue?
GRACE: Yes, that's right. You've left me absolutely no time, but I once threw together a dinner party for eight with nothing in the fridge but mustard and a roll of film.

WILL: Yeah, and all we have to remember that evening is double prints of eight angry people getting sick eating mustard soup.

yeah. I could totally do a meal with nothing but my fridge door.)

4. my sleep habits are crap. I've tried to change this. It doesn't work. Something in my body will not allow me to fall asleep before 11:30 pm, and my body's favorite bedtime is 2 am. Which means I need to sleep until 9 or 10 am to get a full night's sleep in. Unfortunately, the US does not operate on that type of clock so I end up being extremely tired all day. I DO try to get to bed in the midnight to 1 am range, but every night is another battle.
(and yes, I've tried pills. But I hate pumping chemicals into my body)

5. I separate candy out by color before eating it.

6. I adore napping. This may or may not be directly related to #4.

7. I looked like this in high school. My how I've changed.

8. When I was growing up I just KNEW someone had broken into our house and if I moved they would kill our family. I would literally wake up to go to the bathroom and lay there frozen until I couldn't wait any longer then SPRINT to the bathroom and back. While I no longer have that hang-up (thank goodness) the memories are vivid.
Yet I can't get enough of crime dramas or movies. Guess it's the police officer blood in my family (dad and brother both have spent time in law enforcement).

9. In fact, if I didn't want to be a mommy more, I would have already followed the steps to entering the FBI. Dream job.

10. Since I can remember, I've always felt that I'm going to have cancer someday. Perhaps it's because my county growing up had a very high rate of cancer.. I've learned that my "feelings" on stuff like this are usually accurate.
(let me be clear...I don't currently have cancer, nor do I think it's going to be the cause of my death. but it DOES explain the fascination I have with it. It doesn't scare me...yet, at least.)

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Bethany said...

I'm the same with sweet tea & the cancer thing! I haven't had a sweet tea in a week or so and I'm eager to have one soon but trying to stick to the budget!

yonca said...

My mom was the same with cancer. Thanks god, she is ok. Old but she is OK and she is 73.
Love your post Lora!

Tammy said...

Ok.. glad I am not the only one that feels ok knows her stuffed animals can hear and feel things. :)
As for napping I too am a big fan..
Thanks for stopping by.