Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hey it's ok (tuesday) 6.21.11

hey, it's ok

...to be perfectly ok with the toddler tunes channel until farmer jason comes on
...to sometimes only get out of bed because you know you can take a nap later on in the day
...to be excited that the family you nanny for just joined a pool
...to be in desperate need of a manicure, and in 'desperate doesn't even begin to cover it' need of a pedicure
...to find the idea of getting everything that needs to be done for the wedding in the next 3 months a bit daunting
...to think it's absolutely adorable that the 3 year old is currently correctly singing the chorus to 'man in the mirror'
...to be ready for the rain to go away for awhile and at the same time grateful that it is nourishing your garden well
...to still need to buy and plant cucumbers to replace the ones the lawn guy killed with the weedeater. because cucumbers are quite important.
...to feel the need for a strawberry mojito night soon. summer is HERE baby!
(and yes, i will post the recipe :-)

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Brooke said...

i would go so far as to say fresh cukes are vital!