Thursday, June 16, 2011

thursday's ten: wedding cakes, oh my

we're getting into the nitty-gritty wedding details now
like, well, what in the WORLD do i want to do with the cake?
i know that the main color of the wedding will be deep red, so it would make sense to have red accents.
i know i don't want a topper (at least not a bride/groom one)
i know i'll be carrying lilies
and i know i want it to be classic with an edge

and i canNOT find anything that screams at me
a friend is making the cake
so i can pretty much tell her exactly what i want
i just don't have a clue what that is!

here are a few that i've found.  all photos from google search.

i LOVE the detail.  branches, birds...i don't think i would want quite this elaborate for myself, but i like the idea a LOT.
very simple, but elegant...i almost think it's TOO simple though.
something is off with this cake for me.  perhaps it's the width of the ribbon or the flowers on top that neither match in color or style...but it has some real potential
i like the idea more than the execution, but it's a pretty rocking idea
change the poinsettias to lilies and let's talk.  maybe.
something doesn't quite match up here for me, but it's so fun!
i wish, i wish i could see the whole cake.  but i really like the delicate beauty of what i see.  
now THIS, with red accent flower and possibly a couple of other changes has true potential

9. isn't this fun?!  changing to multi-color would make me happy.  it would be all vintage and cool...but i don't know how expensive all that detail would be!
i really like the white ribbon here, and the leaves are gorgeous.  quite nice, actually.  i don't know if i DO have a complaint here, i just don't know if it's "the" cake
maybe i should just give up and have this cake?
(it's a wedding cake made entirely of little debbie snack cakes.  um...hello!)

help me out!  did you have an amazing cake or have you attended a wedding that included one?  i'd love to see more pictures...



Casondra said...

we didn't have a reception, so no cake, but I LOVE #9.

Nicole said...

My cake was similar to #5 only with orange Tiger lilies. Very pretty!