Monday, October 31, 2011

meal planning 10.30 - 11.15

...we ate out both meals...oops...

reuben soup
(a recipe i am putting together...will post if it works! :D)

bbq cheddar pitas
(a recipe that anthony found that looks pretty yummy!  we're not changing it, so no reason to wait to post my version...)

taco mac
(one of my easy, go-to, throw it all together comfort food recipes...i can post it here if anyone wants it, but it's embarrassingly simple)

pizza pot pies 
(we are having friends over, so vegan version for at least a few of them!)

friday-monday of next week
i'm doing a weekend babysitting gig, so anthony is on his own :-)  there's plenty in the pantry for him to make, and he'll come over saturday and sunday to hang out so we'll eat their food :-)  yay for a lower grocery bill?


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