Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) 11.1

hey, it's ok

...to be in shock at the fact that it's november.  n.o.v.e.m.b.e.r. people!
...to love the fact that baby g sleeps longer in the mornings now.  i get a whole hour to myself most tuesdays and thursdays!  this means i can 'nap', play online, or catch up on a show...love.
...to be hopeful that the eye appointment i have in a couple of weeks will show that my eye is improving.  i'd rather not have to wear one day contacts for years.  they are expensive!
...to not be sure whether the harvard sweatshirt i'm wearing is mine or my husbands.  i don't remember having it, but it was on my side of the closet.  the fact that it's an xl though likely means it's not mine.
...to be thankful the family i nanny for has finally turned the heat on consistently.  i was a bit tired of frozen appendages!
...to still bump up their heat a bit because apparently i'm a bit (lot) more cold natured than they are
...to be craving candy corn pretty much all the time from september through november
...to not know where to begin in showing you wedding photos and telling the story.  what do you think?
...to feel the itch to create.  i need to make some jewelry or something, stat.
...to feel a huge sense of accomplishment that your google reader is ALMOST caught up. woo-hoo!
...to feel like this is a lame/boring list.  um...sorry?

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