Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ash wednesday 2012

and so here we are again.
another year come and gone, and it's ash wednesday yet again

and yet again, i've come to a place of wondering if i celebrate
and why
and is it too legalistic to partake?

all those questions seem silly
yet i ask them
almost as if it's become a part of my Lenten ritual
to remind myself
to remember

the answers are simple:

of course i'll celebrate this season
this somber remembrance

because of His life

and legalism has no place in my life
so it is not welcome in my life here either

but what
that is the question that plagues me every year

last year, i heard the Holy Spirit clearly whisper
'give up stress'
and while people looked at me like i was insane when i told them what i had given up for lent
i knew it had a deeper purpose

in a wedding planning on a budget year
i HAD to eliminate as much stress as possible
so consciously thinking of it for 40 days
made it a little easier as the day approached
{not saying that i never got stressed...but i'm convinced this time of preparation helped alleviate some!}

this year?
well, He hasn't shared my "sacrifice" with me yet
but i know Him...He will

and even as i type that i smile
because for me lent always becomes more than a sacrifice
it becomes a continual reminder of His life
and therefore how my life should be

sometimes i wonder if we celebrate lent
simply for that recall
the realization that our life should mirror His
and the fewer distractions (even if they are good)
that we have
the more pliable we become
to be molded into that lifestyle

when i look at it that way
it becomes less about sacrifice
and more about casting off any extra "stuff" that gets in the way

even if it's just for 40 days



WhisperingWriter said...

Great post :)

Leslie Staack said...

Love it. For me, I heard Him audibly on Sunday... Facebook. Oh no. :) Day 4 begins, it's been hard, but I'm doing it. I agree that it becomes more than a sacrifice, but I think the constant reflection on His death and resurrection make it what it is. Just my opinion. :)