Tuesday, February 21, 2012

hey, it's ok (2.21)

hey, it's ok

...to take a day off when it's handed to you (rather than going into the office of your other job even for just a couple of hours)
...to alternate bouts of productivity with moments of rest 
...to keep the kleenex box next to you at all times (today that's not just ok it's necessary!)
...to reorganize a kitchen cabinet 3 times in one afternoon
...to be likely to organize said cabinet again in the near future
...to not have blogged in a long time (oops)
...to have discovered that we really like annie's boxed mac and cheese on occasion
...to be sort of addicted to juicing
...to wonder if the laundry will completely overtake us one of these days

(go visit amber's amazing blog and join up with your own list!)



WhisperingWriter said...

My laundry almost overtook me today. I had to do some or the jeans would have attacked us all..

Brooke said...

welcome back ;)

Megan said...

I love to reorganize, however the mess that comes with it drives me nuts...so most of the time I just shut the door to that room and walk away to take a nap.