Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday's Ten

Today's Ten: Things Catherine does right now that are cute/sweet

(I know I've done something similar in the past, but with her current grumpy state of mind I need to remind myself that she really is a sweetheart!)

1. "Honk Lowa" accompanied by her index finger torpedoing itself toward my nose. I never should have started it...
2. "Luh-oooh" (translated: Love You!) that she now says without prompting. Today I was leaving and she said "Bye-bye Lowa. I luh-ooh."
3. "I running. Fast" and other such narratives of what she's doing. All day long. Cute. At times not so much. But hey.
4. Manners police. As she hands me something she'll say "Thank you, Lora!"
5. "I miss it!" when she's looking for something.
6. "I fixed it!" of her favorite games now. She "breaks" something so she can be Catherine the Builder.
7. "Yay Lowa!!!" she now celebrates me too. I get cheers for doing laundry, dishes, lunch, using the bathroom...I guess it's good that she's not completely self-centric...
8. "I tired. I sleep now. You lay down too. I hold you". Unfortunately I hear that a lot. I started a baaaaad habit with her of laying down on the couch with her when she's really tired and letting her snooze on my shoulder for awhile...and now she begs for it. Oy.
9. "I want to hold you." another one of those most of the time cute/other times not so much phrases. Accompanied by an adorable holding up of the hands with the wrists together and an irresistable tilt of the head.
10. "Ooooohhhh....halaluv....Je-yus" I started singing "Oh How I Love Jesus" with her every day at naptime after we pray. Now she begins it and it cracks me up how theatrical she is with it!

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kris said...

Oh, too too cute! Catherine and my sweet L seem to be at about the same stage. Lila says "I cuddle you."

My favorite thing was when I sat down with her Sunday morning of retreat (I got to the house a few minutes before everyone else and sat at her little table to chat while she ate breakfast). She looked at me, puzzled, and said "Wheya whytuhs?" (Where writers?) and I said, "Oh, they're coming, babe. They're right behind me."

She leaned over and looked over my shoulder. "Behind you??"