Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Notes to Tennesseans on "Winter" Weather

Yes. When you got to your car this morning there probably was ice on your windshield. This came from the literal freezing rain overnight. No, the can of de-icer you bought to get rid of the pesky frost didn't really cut it. Neither did the flimsy scraper on that can. You've got to use a REAL scraper and the "defrost" option on your car coupled with windshield wipers on high. This does mean that you have to plan time to get the ice off. It's gonna take longer than the 2 minutes you normally spend de-icing the frost.

Just because there was ice on the car does not mean there is ice on the roads. This, in all likelihood, means that you can travel at a normal pace on...say, the interstate.

When it begins raining again at 11 am, but is 37 degrees outside, you can certainly drive at a normal rain pace. Rain does not freeze at nearly 40 degrees, people. And it most certainly won't create a massive freeze-out all of a sudden. Stop driving at 20 miles per hour as if you are anticipating a sudden sheet of ice to encompass the road and your car. That's not how it works.

Ice does not equal snow. Snow does not equal ice.

Furthermore, stop riding your brake in expectation of finding that one patch of ice. Be thankful it actually ISN'T there...because if it were, riding the brake would be the sure way to skid and cause a collision. You don't HAVE brakes on ice.

We don't have true winter weather here. It's cold. We've had snow AND ice this year--woo!--but seriously? Boston. New York. Chicago. THEY have winter weather. And the kids go to school through it all...amazing.

The grocery stores and gas stations truly appreciate your business, but you might want to spread it out a little. Flooding the gas station for when a snow is predicted just may cause another gas shortage. Please don't do that. Most of you don't want to drive in the snow anyway. And going to the grocery store for milk, bread and eggs...unless you're truly out of them or want to make french toast, don't bother. The snow/ice will really only last a few hours and then you can go back to Publix to do your grocery shopping for the week.

Ahhh. Ok. I feel better.

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