Saturday, June 20, 2009

and now...

I am sitting on my couch, with my foot elevated from my very first bee sting. From a bumblebee. On the arch of my foot. Needless to say, pretty painful.

(we went back to the zoo today to say goodbye to the white baby tigers, and on the way out to the car I got stung. Anthony was a wonderful caregiver though--carried me into the house, put a baking soda paste on the sting, and just generally made sure I was doing ok.)

It might get interesting when I have to sing at church tomorrow. Considering it hurts to put on a shoe, I'm thinking standing for 3 or more hours might not be so great.

It already is interesting at my house though. Walked, hobbled in the door and was on the phone with Anthony to let him know I made it when I saw him...

I have another home invader.

A lizard is in my living room.

Note that I'm using present tense here. Yeah...I have no patience or energy to deal with getting him out. So for now, he's staying.

You'd think Emi would be interested. Nope.

Oh, and I may bum my very first cigarette soon. Apparently the absolute best thing to use on a sting is tobacco. I stopped at Walgreens to see if I could find anything for it, and that's what the pharmacist told me. Anthony's mom had already suggested it, actually. Who knew?

Got a light?



Bethany said...

Your life is never boring, L. I'd catch the lizard for you, but can't help on the cig! Hope the sting feels better soon.

HappyascanB said...

My Goodness, girl! Bee stings are No Joke!!! And tobacco really does help kill the burn!!

Wolf said...

i never heard that before! sorry about the sting though. and i don't mind lizards. think they are quite cute actually. :)