Saturday, January 7, 2012

it's a great day to tell you about my word for 2012

i've been doing this word of the year for awhile now.  and it's interesting to see how it's built.  i think you'll see a bit of a theme if you read word of 2009 was bless, 2010 was give, 2011 was more and this year just kind of builds on that!

i had no idea there was a "oneword" organization out there, but i think it's awesome that there is!
i've always felt that God gave me my word.  and this year is no different.

it was pretty easy to grasp "bless" and "give".  but as God stretched me and taught me more about himself the words have begun to be a little  when i heard "more" last year, i was a little off-put at first. after all, it sounded kind of i wanted MORE of something.  and i did...but not in the traditional sense.

(and boy did i have more!  more of all that was on that list...and even MORE.)

this year is one of those words that seems off-putting.  i struggled with it for a few days, to be honest.  and then when i met with my cell group girls tuesday, everything just kind

you see, the word i've been hearing over and over is lavish.
i even tried to change it up.  "extravagant" sounded good, and i could get behind it.  you know, loving extravagantly, being extravagant with my time, etc, etc.

nope.  the word (He said again) is lavish.

and when i was chatting with my girls about the root of that word and realized a few things, it made a little more sense to me (although i am SO looking forward to finding out why He's been so insistent on this word!)

even webster's description of the word is rich: check it out if you like

you see, LAVISH is what Mary did when she annointed Christ (in john 12.1-8).  the pure nard that passage speaks of was not only considered a lavish gift, but some translations speak of her lavishing her gift on Jesus

others who loved Jesus even criticized the lavishness--the expense.
but Jesus stopped them and praised her for the extravagance.

oh that my life will be so full of lavish praise, adoration and acts of love and devotion
that even others who love Jesus will think it strange

oh that He will equip me to be lavish with my time, my giftings and my gifts to others
that i will be filled with wisdom
but that i will be unapologetically lavish in what i do, what i say, how i serve.

i've no doubt that i will receive some lavish gifts from my Papa...after all, He's done it over and over for me

but i'm excited
because i get to be lavish this year
and i have no idea
what i'll be saying in 2013!

do you have a word of the year?  please share!


HappyascanB said...

Great word! Mine is gratitude. Praying I always choose gratitude.

Leslie Staack said...

Excellent word!! My word of 2012 is BELIEVE!

Bethany said...

Very cool! I just posted my word of the year today too- it's EMBRACE :D