Monday, January 2, 2012

monday's memory: the one with the bachelorette party

have i mentioned that i have amazing friends?
and they throw a pretty kick-awesome party.

my maid of honor asked if i wanted to know what she was planning or if i wanted to be surprised.  i told her i trusted her completely, that they could use our house if need be, and the dates i was free.

that was IT.

since she was temporarily living a few states away, she recruited the other girls to help with the planning and execution.  to this date, i don't know whose idea was what, so just girls ROCK.

on the day of the party, i was asked to be out of the house for the majority of the afternoon, and to stay in communication with the girls on my way home.  they literally came and met me in the driveway with a homemade iced coffee, and blindfolded me.

i was led upstairs (i'll spare you all the butt shots of this part) where i was able to change clothes and get ready (they also brought me some champagne...the beverages kept flowing so i was entertained and happy!) plus, the girls had to change and get ready too, so i was soon joined upstairs

at one point there were four girls in my master bathroom putting on makeup together.  and one pissed-off kitty hiding from the mayhem!

the girls then disappeared down the stairs, and eventually i was led out of my bedroom.
i walked down the stairs and immediately was told to remove my boots
and given bracelets to put on
oh, and i had a "veil" to wear the entire evening.

the downstairs area of the house had been transformed

all furniture was covered in colorful fabric, and extra seating had been created along the window with huge throw pillows.
i even had a "throne" complete with canopy.

there was an amazing food table spread with all sorts of yummy looking things.
they had even incorporated anthony's glass animals into the decor, including this very hungry hippo!

people started gathering in, and once most people were there we were invited to dig in to the buffet.  it was then i realized that these girls who know me so well had brought nearly all the food at my favorite grocery -- trader joe's.  unfortunately, i discovered a couple of new favorite foods that night that are now staples!

we milled around, snacked and chatted for awhile and then i began opening gifts.  i'll leave out the details there, but you can imagine...

gift time was interrupted by the arrival of "someone"...which was my only moment of slight panic.

but the person walked in and immediately started handing out scarves.  she was a belly dance instructor, and that's what we spent the next bit of the party doing -- learning a few belly dance basics!

 and took time for some group shots.  fun group of awesome ladies!

she was amazing, and fun.  now that laura (my maid of honor) is back in town we have mad plans to start taking her classes a couple of times a month.  a fitness class that anthony supports fully, haha!

three of the girls stayed overnight, so there was much more fun (and other crazy late-night photos) to be had even after most of the guests left.

all in all my bachelorette party was exactly what i wanted -- time spent with amazing girls, and lots of laughter.  the gifts were amazing (and all fit!), but the time spent with these girls who i dearly love was the best part of the night.



HappyascanB said...

What fun!!! Sounds like the perfect night!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

That sounds like such a fun time!! :D