Saturday, December 31, 2011

it's a great day to exchange one great year for another

current status: living room couch, finishing an episode of suburgatory while possibly the best shepherd's pie i've made to date bakes in the oven
we have sparkling sangria chilling in the fridge
several episodes of big bang theory to watch
and a multitude of board games to choose from

we decided to spend the last few moments of 2011 alone together
for a few reasons
{1} we spent a lot of time with friends and family over the Christmas holidays...which was great, but
{2} we haven't seen a whole lot of each other between that and working and
{3} we're spending the first DAY of the new year with some amazing friends after worship, and we have plans to spend time with good friends several times in the next couple of weeks.

so we decided to decline invitations and just stay in

i'm sure next year we'll throw a party or attend one
but this year we kind of wanted to spend on our own

i hope your new year's celebration is a great one
that you reflect on the joys and sorrows of 2011
and look forward to similar moments in 2012

be blessed, be safe
i can't wait to spend another year with you all :-)


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