Monday, March 12, 2012

about that "anti-Christian" sentiment that's going around

i've seen a lot of concern lately
some from friends of mine, some from acquaintances
that there is a lot of "anti-Christian" sentiment going around

some are concerned about shows calling Christians "bitches"
some think that there are definite slants against Christianity in the media or on mainstream shows

and while that may be (somewhat) true
i just have one simple question to ask:

have we given anyone (outside our faith) a reason to be pro-Christian?

you see, i see a lot of anti-gay sentiment on those same facebook pages
or anti-anything that isn't Christian in some Christian's opinion
or anti-whatever political party you think isn't right
or name it

i don't see a lot of Christians being "pro" anything 
(except pro-life, but i won't get into the linguistics of that one)

so why
why in the world, if we aren't standing up for social injustices
if we aren't loving on people the way we are commanded to 
if we are speaking ill of anything and everything on the planet that we think is "wrong" or "unnatural"
why on EARTH would we expect anyone to be "pro" us?!

i've been accused of being "too soft" in the past
of showing too much compassion or too much tolerance for others.
i'm sorry (actually i'm not), but i'd MUCH rather err on the side of too much mercy and grace
than be a part of the "anti-everything" movement that pervades our faith community.

i'm here to tell you, that i'll be pro whatever helps me reach the ones who are longing for hope
i'm pro-LIFE, pro abundant God-filled amazing life
i'm pro mercy

i'm pro-love

and no, i don't always get it right
but my errors (like everyone else's) are covered in grace
and if i love too much for your taste?
get used to it :-).  i'll be loving on people until i draw my last breath

because that is my calling



mary christine said...

I love your heart, friend! And your fire! :D

Brooke said...

people are really upset about that show? personally the title made want to watch it.

as for erring on the side of love - as much as some people would like to be, we're not their Holy Spirit or their Messiah. its not our job to clean them up. not sure where anyone ever got the idea that it was. :(

Mattie said...

Great post, Lora! I agree 100%!