Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hey, it's ok... (tuesday) 3.20

hey, it's ok

...to be glad that winter is officially over even though we didn't have much of one here
...to elect not to go into the office after the majority of the day has been spent dealing with car troubles (turns out that was a REALLY good move on my part considering drama stuff that happened yesterday after i didn't go in)
...to return home at 2.30 pm after dropping the car off at the dealership only to don a pair of pajama pants, and do a bit of laundry
...to have giggled a bit when after describing the issues the car has been having the dealership servicemen said "yeah, i think we may have to call the VW priest in on this one to perform an exorcism..."
...to really (really REALLY) hope that this is a "cheap" fix
...to be (truly) excited that tonight you get to mow your lawn for the first time (i haven't mowed since high school because i haven't had a yard to do so in and i'm THRILLED).
...to be a little bit addicted to draw something.

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D said...

We didn't get much of a winter in Ma either and I'm still grateful it's over.

- Mighty B said...

Draw Something is my new obsession! Sending cheap car repair vibes your way!

Brooke said...

2nd time in as many months that i've had my car at the repair shop. i've got a guy who picks it up and brings it back. sadly i'm old enough to get excited about something that simple and boring!

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope your car issues aren't too expensive!