Thursday, March 8, 2012

thursday's ten or so*: the Ty edition

this week is a little different
as life seems a little more precious, a little more sacred
we heard friday night that a former student of ours in the youth group we served in for years
was hurt badly on a texas interstate
and the news came late saturday that he had succumbed to his injuries.
he was 18
and he was struck while he was walking back to his car after checking on a car that had been rear ended a couple of cars in front of him
and if you knew him, you'd not be surprised by that either.

i prayed LIFE over him when i learned of his accident
(some of you joined me on that when i posted it on twitter and facebook, and i thank you)
and oh, how those prayers were answered
he's having the most abundant life right now

so here's ten or so things i was reminded of through Ty's life (and death)

you don't have to be old to have lived a lifetime
there are stories upon stories about the amazing things this kid did...and he hadn't even hit his 20s.  don't tell me you're too young to make a difference or that no one will listen to you because of your age.  just DO good, and people will notice

living generously is (really) the best way to live

people notice your smile
(he had a signature grin...that's been mentioned more than any other singular thing except his faith)
they also notice your lack of smiling, for the record

when you lose yourself in worship you really do stop caring or noticing what others think

you make more of a difference in the small things than you think

people will both love and tolerate your quirks, but they are uniquely yours and will be missed if you aren't around

don't take yourself too seriously...people will love you for it

life is a lot more fun when it's lived as one adventure after the next

we should take notice of the young ones
they're out there changing the world. i'd like to join them.

the funeral is tomorrow (friday).
please pray for Ty's family -- his parents and two sisters, the friends that are hurting badly, and all those who feel a light is gone from their life.  while i know Ty is on the ultimate adventure, i'm also sad to know i'll never see that grin again this side of heaven.

*i've changed it because some weeks i have exactly ten things to share but most weeks i don't.  so, yeah. :-)



Katie Gates said...

My sympathies to Ty's family and loved ones. Thank you for this post. It says it all, in my opinion, and with no unnecessary flourishes.

Brooke said...

sounds like he was a wonderful young man - i'll certainly be remembering his family & friends this weekend.