Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hey, it's ok (, wednesday)

hey, it's ok be absolutely LOVING my new job and at the same time be absolutely EXHAUSTED at the end of some days. be just now completing my list of 31 things to do while i'm 31 for the blog. yeah, i've been 31 for over 3 months now. one of the things should be completing the list i suppose. have begun this list a week plus ago. did i mention i was exhausted? be both thankful that i like the 4.99 whole bean coffee i found at whole foods and annoyed that i didn't try it a year ago. several pounds of 11.99 coffee from starbucks later, i would have saved a lot! be grateful that it's finally raining again.  we went over a month in drought. our yard is finally not crunching as much when you walk in it be swagbucks-earning like CRAZY these days.  so far i have $150 earned for the year in amazon credit, just by spending a couple of hours a day earning SB.  by the end of the year i'll have at minimm $300 to spend on christmas shopping for our family. that combined with black friday shopping means our spending out of pocket should be VERY small.  plus, i have enough extra to get a large starbucks or maggianos gift card for us! (you should join swagbucks if you haven't! please use my referral name of msmsctchr if you do, or click on this link!) be seriously needing an eyebrow wax. there's a beauty school about 1/4 mile from work...i'm considering seeing if they'll do a decent job. because i hate tweezing. a lot.

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WhisperingWriter said...

I could probably use an eyebrow wax as well. They look really bushy.

Brooke said...

i'm loving this rain, but the thunderstorms not so much. we lost our modem/wireless router on Monday. Thankfully the damage wasn't more severe!

as for the eye brow waxing, i pretend i protest due to the cruel and inhumane practices. but really i'm just a cheap wimp.

Amanda said...

You're a crazy good Swagbuckser. I put the app on my phone, but that hasn't really helped. I think I have like 175, ha.

Blogger said...

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