Thursday, July 19, 2012

thursday's ten or so: to make me laugh

i have a quirky sense of humor.
meaning you may not find any of this funny.
but i'm laughing a lot these days thanks to several sources. so the least i can do is share :-)
here's a very few of the things making me laugh.

i can't help but laugh when i see this. until i'm at work, and then it seems like every child in the building is lining up behind this one!

this one anthony also laugh-approved it. 

i don't use pinterest just for recipes and home organization tips (but i'm always trying something off my boards!)

it has other uses too. one of my bff's natasha and i constantly send each other gems we find that we would never post publicly...but there are a few exceptions that i'll share here.

 (the next one pretty much sums us up)
(oh and this one too)

the amazing amanda shared this with me when she was at our house for dinner the other night. we laughed our butts off, so i HAVE to share it with you.

all those "hey girl" memes make me giggle a lot. but THIS one is just extra-special.
replace "men" with "everyone"...
natasha sent this one to me too. if you work with children (your own or someone else's) you'll relate to this at least a few times!
this one makes me laugh and cry simultaneously
and finally...

which leads right into this. you HAVE to watch this. and just know that i WILL instagram it.

***photo/video credits...all of these have been found on facebook, twitter, youtube or pinterest. :-)

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Amanda said...

ha! these cracked me up :)