Thursday, July 5, 2012

thursday's ten or so: a week off

we're out for "summer break" this week.
and here's what's been done so far

on the completed or in progress list
re-organized the closet in our room (it.was.insane. and it's not done yet.)
painted my nails in the spirit of the fourth of july
played a super competitive game of spoons with anthony, his two sisters and his sister's boyfriend (blood was drawn. more than once.)
cleaned the kitchen. and again.
finalized the menu for the month of july
baked cookies. was thankful that they tasted good.
attempted to catch up to the laundry monster that has taken over our entire upstairs (see first item and add 1000% to the insanity)
bought a new pair of toms that i LOVE (finally used my birthday money...yeah, from march.)

(they say "let love rule", which is pretty much me to a t) 

taught 3 piano lessons on a holiday
prayed for thunder rumbles to turn into rain. repeatedly.
thought about exercising
reached my first weight loss goal of the summer...and not stopped. (operation get healthier is in full swing around here!)
snuggled with emi
 watched (lots of) tv with the hubster
changed my facebook profile pic to this one 

still to do?
set up the hammock
hang out with one of my bff's tonight (yay!)
host our first night of movie lead-ins to dark knight rises...we're showing batman begins at our house friday night
more time with emi
and a whole lot more cleaning
and hopefully another blog or 5.

i've got to admit that being on an academic calendar (even though it's REALLY modified) is quite nice.  a free week off over the fourth of july? anthony and i are talking about trying to go somewhere for the fourth next year (like dc or boston, maybe san diego, even nyc) since it'll be "free" vacation for me and he gets more vacation days than i do!  and then we can still take an anniversary getaway later in the year.  just speculation for the moment...but how about it? anybody have a recommendation for the PERFECT place to spend the fourth?


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Amanda said...

You have been crazy productive. I am impressed. SO excited to see you tomorrow! Is tomorrow Friday? I'm really disoriented ;)