Thursday, July 26, 2012

thursday's ten: on love and hate, boycotting and bashing

you guys, i really really don't like to preach on this blog. i know my normal readers will know that (at least i hope so!). but i really feel passionately about this, and needed to get it out there.  forgive my grammatical and late-night-writing errors, and please read it with a measure of grace. i certainly haven't arrived and i make oh-so-many mistakes, but my prayer truly is that i make more mistakes of loving too deeply than of wounding those who so need Papa's Love.

i really don't talk about controversy MUCH here on the blog.  and really, this isn't going to delve too deeply into one.  but with recent events coming to light that have sparked a tremendous battle of words among facets of the population i really just have a few things i feel i must say.

1. i find it slightly amusing and very hypocritical for people who have opposed conservative Christians and bashed them for boycotting companies that supported gay rights to turn around and boycott a widely-known conservative Christian company for the opposite thing.

2. on the other hand, i am incredibly disappointed at the folks who are creating banners touting their support of said company SIMPLY because they now view them as a company who OPPOSES gay rights.

*slight pause for clarification. i am unashamedly a Christian, a lover of Jesus and an extreme God-follower.
but i'm not sure anyone would ever describe me as "conservative"

3. i'm not entirely sure that either side has their facts completely straight. (um. no pun intended there)

4. i'm not sure when it became an "us versus them" issue. but

i've read several people who say "if *they* would just stop hating"..."if *they* would just let us have our viewpoint and opinion"..."if *they*"...

i will say it as concisely as i possibly can:

we are all children of God.
there is no us. there is no them.
we are one people
even those who aren't walking in the fullness of their identity as His Kids...
(and to be honest, that's probably most of us)
we are one.

and the longer this "us and them" mentality stays around the more people we are losing because we are hung up on things that don't matter.

(and that thing that you just thought of that you think matters, if it's keeping people from knowing Jesus because His "followers" are too busy harping on it, it probably matters less than you think)

5. if one more person tells me that they wish people would "stop hating on Christians" i may just unleash a dissertation on why that is a very valid viewpoint for many people.

and that's what makes me saddest.  i've said it before: i choose love. i will always choose love, even though it's not the easiest thing to do. it is my greatest calling, and therefore i must choose it.

6. however, my most concise response to the above would be this: why on earth are you expecting "THEM" to make the first move? Christians are commanded to love. the world isn't commanded to love Christians. and the fact that many communities have experienced anything BUT love from the Christian community means that we are really REALLY failing them.

7. people need to live and let live.  or as i often tell the kids i work with: just chill for a minute, ok?

8. chick-fila makes a damn good spicy chicken deluxe sandwich.

9. some people are going to be more offended about the fact that i just used the word "damn" (twice now) than the fact that people often experience only bitterness and hatred from the Christian community.

10. it really.really.really is all about love

i've said it before.
i'll surely say it again.

this post from Jon Acuff's blog yesterday prompted me to forward it to several of my friends. THIS is what the church should look like. and until more of us get that picture, i guess you'll keep reading posts like this. :-)

as my amazing friend natasha posted yesterday: i'm going to boycott hate.

and now if you'll excuse me, i think i'll go buy a chick-fila sandwich and eat it while watching a disney blu-ray. 

(thank you for reading if you made it this far. oh, and thank you for not unfollowing me if you haven't yet. :-)



Brooke said...

O <<<standing ovation.

you did an excellent job of clearly and consisely summing up my opinion on the matter as well.

Becca Sanborn said...

Thank you for sharing. The two greatest commandments are to love the Lord your God and to love your neighbor. That's all we truly need in the end, love.

Mattie said...

Totally agree, Lora! People are ALL people, and "us vs. them" is not a constructive argument and only continues to divide. Which is fine if that's how you want to live...but I don't think that's how we are called to be, either. We need to change the conversation!

Erin said...

I agree 5645651641%....if that's even a valid number. On all points. I think you and I have similar Christian values. I don't consider myself a conservative but I am VERY VERY Christian. Liberal Christian Conservative maybe? hehe

However, I would like to play the "devil's advocate" if I can because I have had a hard time wrapping my brain around this whole Chik-fil-A thing. Maybe you remember back at Christmas when Walgreen's pharmacy advertised HOLIDAY specials and not CHRISTMAS specials. The Christians rallied and all agreed to boycott Walgreens! "How DARE they remove Christmas???"

Or how about the Butterball Turkey debacle at Thanksgiving?

To me, it's the same thing. Christians boycott stuff all the time in the name of Jesus. But we are appalled when the atheists do it right back to us.

Of course, it all goes back to LOVE.

I'm not sure what the answer is but I just thought I would share my thoughts.

I still agree with you. Love is the answer...but how do we do it?