Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I freakin' love football!

Yes, you're on the right blog. Geez, guys.

I've been growing in my infatuation for the game for a few years now. At first I would only watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Then I started paying attention to the games. Then my small group would gather and a football game would be on in the background. Eventually I wouldn't walk out of the room during those games. And last year I found myself shouting at the TV on the Channell's living room floor on more than one occasion.

So this year I've faithfully watched the Titans (who are the ONLY undefeated team in the NFL at the moment with an 8-0 record) and the Colts (can't help it, I'm a Hoosier) when their games are broadcast down here. And since A is a huge football fan I've found myself tuning into more games than just those. Even a few college games here and there! I even (gasp!) own a Titans jersey now.

And tonight I got a strange text from A stating that he was going to watch the Redskins game to see who would win the election. Of course this prompted a confused reply from me which warrented him calling me to let me in on the fact that the last home game of the Redskins during an election year where the current President is not in the race has been an indicator of the winner of the election.

Apparently of the last 6 elections that the incumbant CAN'T win (like this year) if the Redskins win the incumbant party (in this case the Reps) win the election. If the Redskins lose, the incumbant party also loses.So basically according to the tradition if the Steelers win tonight, Obama is in. If the Redskins pull out a victory so will McCain.

So...guess who won?


I'm hoping this holds true for a 7th time. But I keep reminding myself that we are not electing the savior of the US. And that the outcome of this election does not determine our eternal future. So many people are freaked out about the outcome one way or another (and I will readily admit that I'm nervous about the opposite outcome)...but in the grand scheme of things I've got to remember that it's not quite as important as we're making it out to be :0)

Back to football: wouldn't it be awesome if the Titans made the Superbowl again? What a fun 10 years in Nashville anniversary present for me :0)

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