Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As Promised...Our Anniversary Recap

Friday night was awesome :0)

Anthony showed up to my house with favorite!

We began the anniversary date by going for a run. Yes, we ARE dorks. But the idea behind it was a good one--A pointed out that we would feel less guilty for indulging in great Italian food if we exercised first...

Unfortunately, since hurting my knees at camp I haven't been running. So I was a little slow-going...

After the run we got cleaned up...and went to play glo golf at Opry Mills. Totally cheesy and a TON of fun.

We went from there to dinner at Maggiano's, which was amazing! (oh, and the view on the way TO dinner was beautiful too)

Our waitress took this picture of us after dinner. A side note about this that was really sweet:
We had ordered our food and beverages, exchanged gifts and just generally been chatting and stuff. When our food was delivered, we held hands and Anthony said a prayer of thanks for the past year and the food. When we raised our heads our waitress was waiting a few steps away. I smiled and started to say sorry (she was bringing us one additional item) but she started speaking before I could get that out. She told us (with tears in her eyes) that she could tell from the moment we had walked in that we were Christians just from the way we had acted and interacted. She said it was really cool to see, and an encouragement.
(I may have brushed a tear or two away as she walked away from saying that. We've always prayed that our relationship would not only draw us closer together and to God but also that we would be a blessing to others. What a wonderful confirmation!)

We came back to my house where we played Scrabble while watching some fun tv...
(yes we ARE dorks)

As for the gift that I received...first of all, Anthony wrote me the SWEETEST card ever (which I may have read several a few twice since our anniversary). Then I opened my gift.

You should know that LONG before our anniversary--at least 3 weeks ago if not more--Anthony told me he already had my gift and that he was already excited for me to see it.

This, of course, made me freak a bit about buying HIS gift. I ended up getting a vinyl copy of an album that his dad suggested to well as a couple of other things I knew he the freak-out mode didn't last THAT long.

However. When I opened my gift I was still a bit overwhelmed.

Anthony and his family went to Texas in late July (if you've been around you know that was the 2 weeks of separation that had me going CRAZY). While they were there he posted pictures of this incredible glass shop in San Antonio that has hand-blown glass sculptures. I was blown away by the beauty of what he posted there, and mentioned to him (after they were home, I think) that it reminded me of one of my favorite places to visit growing up.

When they were in the shop he was browsing around when his parents pointed this particular piece out to him...and he said he knew instantly that he was going to have to get it for our anniversary. It's a Madonna, the Blessed Virgin. With my love of all things iconic for Christianity and a special place in my heart for couldn't get more perfect than this.

He knows me...and apparently his parents do as well ;)

I wish I could get a better picture of it, but for now this will have to do. She's beautiful in the lighted shelf of my entertainment unit...

So, that's our anniversary in a nutshell. Simple and sweet, uncomplicated, and a lot of wonderful time spent together. Kind of like the previous 12 months. I can't wait to see what the next 12 months have to hold!



CptnMayhem said...

Me EITHER, babe!

Megan said...

Sounds wonderful! What a sweet guy you've got! =)

The flowers are gorgeous and the glass is, too.

What a sweet moment with the prayer and the waitress.


HappyascanB said...

Oh, Lora, it just sounds perfect! Love every single detail of it!

Brooke said...

how sweet! and who cares if your dorks, as long as you're doing things that make you both enjoy one another! :)

Leslie said...

That is an awesome story!!! :) Congrats to the two of you.