Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday's Ten

Lessons Learned this Week

1. When the 2 year old is quiet...FIND OUT WHY.
2. Sometimes miscommunication is simply not your fault. And while I'm really good at beating myself up for things that aren't my fault most of the time...I'm letting it GO.
3. Kids say the darndest things, and there's a lot to be learned from 2 year old wisdom. More about that later this week.
4. Naps are beautiful.
5. Right when I start to worry about money (for the millionth time in the last 12 months)...God provides me with babysitting jobs that all fit nicely into my already scheduled week...without taking time from dates with the man or time carved out for myself. He's reminding me that He really is in charge here...
6. Lilies are beautiful, especially when they're in an arrangement bought for you by a wonderful man.
7. People at church like the boyfriend and me as a unit :)
8. I may never, ever, develop a normal sleep pattern.
9. My hair is growing a LOT (almost long enough for Locks of Love!)
10. No, really. When the 2 year old is quiet, find out why!

I babysat for my friend Jennifer's 2 youngest yesterday. The 2 year old got another room. Short version of the story is that she likes fla-vor-ice just as much as I do, and was determined to gnaw her way through it. This resulted in a wardrobe change, as the purple from the popsicle didn't quite match the purple on her shirt.
(she did greet me with a smile when I walked in on the carnage. and was industriously cleaning the floor with a towel. something tells me this was not her first experience.)



Debbie said...

How adorable that she was cleaning the floor! Loved your list.

yonca said...

Hehe.. She definetely did this before :-)
Nice list!You have lovely blog!
Following you now :-)