Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Skies...

Shanda was right--we went to Texas this weekend for the wedding.

We left Thursday morning around 8 am and arrived just a few minutes before midnight in College Station.
facebook status at the end of the day:
is happy to smell the smells of Texas, see mile-wide sunsets, and enjoy road trips with lots of laughter...but most of all at this moment is thankful for this Texas bed.

Friday we helped out with a bit of decorating, went to a great Tex-Mex place to lunch, and attended the rehearsal dinner (even though A & I weren't in the wedding...they invited us to join since we were the only non-party people to make the trek). After the dinner I went out with the bride and her bridesmaids to a little bar where I enjoyed a yummy mojito.

Saturday A and I ran errands--got requested coffee for people back home, barbeque sauce for others, and ate lunch at Rudy's...which is the BEST barbeque ever. I got some sauce for myself, and I don't even LIKE barbeque sauce that much. This stuff though? Amazing.
The wedding was at 2 and we were on the road again at 6:30. After a wine explosion in the backseat (did you know that corks pop out in heat? Did you know Texas Did you know that having wine in a non-upright position in a hot Texas car is NOT a great plan?) we did have to stop at Wal-Mart on the way out to get some upholstery cleaner and a vacuum pump wine seal to salvage my sangria! We (amazingly) made it back in time to catch the last part of the 9:00 service at church where one of our students was being baptized.
facebook stati throughout this experience:

is picking up groceries for the greater Nashville area, and was quite excited to see a great wine selection in the grocery store. Could get used to this Texas thing...

hair actually stays straight in Texas. Perhaps she should stay.

really doesn't care if it's Texas or Tennessee...she just wants out of Arkansas

And I think I may finally be caught up on sleep. We shall see.

Beautiful Texas Sky

We have sunsets that are pretty in TN too...we just can't really SEE them

Boys Love Football

Aggie War Hymn at the reception. This cracked me up!

A and I



Brooke said...

"no officer, i haven't been drinking."

lol - i could just see it now! :P

Ronnica said...

Tex Mex and're making me hungry! You can't get good stuff of either of that here in NC.

Shanda said...

There's no BBQ (especially BBQ beef) better than in TX! Sorry to hear about your explosion - hope you were able to get it all cleaned up! You always have such fun adventures!

HappyascanB said...

What a great trip you guys had!!! I had to laugh at the wine story, though. . . that sounds just like something I'd do!! So what's the base of Texas BBQ? I'm a fan of vinegar-based BBQ. But I love love love BBQ!!!!

Ashley said...

The wine story is kinda funny - sounds like something I would do and my husband would completely flip (especially if it was his car!)

Glad its been a fun trip!

WhisperingWriter said...

I love the pictures.

Oo, I so wanted to eat at Rudys when we were in Texas but we never did.

Theta Mom said...

I love mojitos, too! Sounds like you had an awesome time!

Debbie said...

Our sunsets are just not that spectacular here. But, I'll take the mountains over the sunsets any day:)

Ace said...

Saw your comment on Ashley's (let go, laughing) blog and had to come by. I too lived in Indiana most of my life and now live in Nashville!