Thursday, August 27, 2009

Claiming This One

It's been a year.
And there is a job that I would LOVE
So instead of just throwing caution to the wind and applying, possibly getting an interview, and waiting for the phone call/letter of rejection
(lather, rinse, repeat of the last 12 months)
I am CLAIMING this job.

And while I'm pretty sure that's not a "this particular place of employment" thing to do...
I'm trusting that this is what I've been waiting for.

It's an admissions/recruiting position (which, hello, I've done before--at Trevecca, as a student, but still) and it would give me the chance to be in the academic world as well as the professional, to travel, and to represent a university that I have found myself liking more and more over the past few months :0)

And so...this is my petition to ask you all to join me in claiming this job, to pray with me that I will represent myself as well as my Father while I go through the process of applying and interviewing.

And WHEN I am given this job we are going to PARTY.

Yes? Yes.

Thanks, dear friends.



Brooke said...

*puts chips and salsa on the counter*

Dear Lord, Please be with Lora. Help her to put herself across as the strong confident woman that she is. Help her to not be anxious, but to have faith that you will do what's best for her. Amen

Shanda said...

I'll bring the Bruschetta! ;)

Agreeing in prayer with you girl!