Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Indy trip: the hometown edition

Our trip home went fairly smoothly. Here are a few highlights!

First stop: the Schnitzelbank where we treated mom and dad to their birthday meals. They both ordered the salad bar (huge sigh) which is typical...but Anthony and I both enjoyed some great German food!

Next was the M's house. I told Anthony on the way up that we should stop there because they have an obscene amount of Christmas lights. He was confused about my use of the word "obscene" until he saw it for himself.

We ended Friday by going home and to bed...pretty much. Lots to do the next day!

Saturday dawned with my parents fixing breakfast for the first time in ever. This slowed us down considerably, but we finally headed out the door to meet my friend Nicole for coffee at P-burg's very first coffeeshop and cafe. It was amazing. No one had coffee. I saw they had sweet tea and immediately jumped on that. You can't get that just anywhere in Indiana!

From there to Dotty's house where they had a huge meal of roast and potatoes and all the sides...even cake and ice cream. We chatted with them awhile and then rolled our full bodies on out the door...

for the P-burg Christmas parade. Anthony experienced his first small town parade. It began with every ambulance and fire truck in the town, sirens blazing (heaven forbid someone have an emergency during the parade!)

contained tractors and golf carts

bagpipes (?!?)

flatbeds and tow trucks
(I lost count)

Anthony's favorite part was seeing all the backed up traffic at the end
We went back to mom and dad's after this and packed up the car...but I had to say goodbye to Squeak first!
On to Indy, which I'll blog about tomorrow!



Brooke said...

that is one persons house????

yonca said...

What lovely pics! Hugs!!

Magda said...

Glad you had fun! And surprisingly, sweet tea is becoming more and more popular here in IN!

Katy & Ross said...

I love that they had bagpipes in the parade! My fiance is a dork and he plays them so we get excited whenever we see them. Looks like you had a fun parade!

Persis said...

lovely pics! i know how good it feels to go back to the place where you once lived...im glad you had a nice trip =) xo.

CptnMayhem said...

I just want everyone to know that I got that fantastic pic of Squeak at the end. :)

Mattie said...

Squeak is too cute!

Finding Normal said...

Just another Indy chick stopping by from SITS. :)
My hubs is from southern IN, so I recognized Schnitzelback right away. They do have a good salad bar, or did 10 years ago when I ate there!