Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday's Ten: Gifts on the Cheap

Yep, holidays are on the brain, and I for one am thinking of inexpensive but meaningful gifts for the people on my list...without giving too much away since I know that some of those lovely people read this blog!

So I thought we could all help each other out! Here's ten relatively inexpensive ideas for you all this year!

1. baked goodies in a nice tin, box, or plate. I love making peppermint bark or some sort of holiday cookie.

2. a "themed" gift. One year I gave a girlfriend who loves to cook a really fun serving dish with a cookbook. I've also heard the suggestion of baking a favorite recipe in a new serving dish and giving it to the person, but I don't love that idea so much. Kind of takes the newness away, ya know?

3. something that represents something you love doing with the person/couple. A and I gave our friends 4 decks of cards, a personalized notepad, and a card tray for their engagement gift. It's because our favorite thing to do as the 4 of us is to play Hand and Foot, and now they have their own set to use when they host! On the same token, I've given gift cards to a pedicure place to a friend with whom I love to go get pedis with.

4. Need I say more? I sell jewelry there, and I'm always finding cool things for gifts! Most of the people who sell there have more than reasonable prices and it's always great to give something that's not available everywhere you turn around

5. if you're crafty--make something! A lot of my friends get jewelry. They don't seem to mind! I have also received several scarves which I LOVE!

6. a picture of something special you've done with the person in a great frame. Hobby Lobby ALWAYS has their frames 1/2 off, so you can get some really good deals there. And who doesn't love pictures? Just make sure it's flattering of *both* of you!

7. a pampering basket (mostly for the females on your list). Lotions, nail polish in shades she loves, a couple of bath bombs...I shop sales year round and always have a few soaps or fragrances on hand. I also have found a great little local store that handmakes soaps and bath bombs--they're fairly inexpensive and quite unique.

8. ornaments. I love getting new ornaments, and I always enjoy receiving them as gifts. Every year as I put up my tree I think of the people who gave the ornament to me--it's like getting a new gift every year :)

9. books. Most of the kids in my life at some point get my favorite Christmas books at Christmas, and others on their birthdays. Board books (for babies and toddlers) will run about $5 apiece, and prices vary once you get into the older kids/bigger books. But they can be personalized and you're helping build up their little library! (I find great deals at local booksellers when they have clearance sales, or you can always check

10. finally, one FROM the kids. My friends did this a few years ago and I thought it was great! At a local craft store (Hobby Lobby or Michaels in our case), buy a cheap artist's canvas. Buy some (washable) paints, strip the kid down, put him in the bathtub and let him go to town! If you buy one each for the grandparents you've got a priceless piece of unique art that they will treasure forever!

Hope you got an idea or I want yours! Creativity and cheapness are *good* things in my book, especially in my current underemployed state!

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(next week we'll talk about our favorite ornaments--please take pictures for us--and the following week will be Christmas traditions/memories. just trying to give a heads-up!)



Debbie said...

Your gift ideas are great. I am especially a big believer in the books as gifts. We have so many books but my kids also have them as the majority of their wish list.

Brooke said...

we have a discount book outlet around here - $5 for Christian books by authors who's names you'd recognize.

Katy & Ross said...

I love the idea of the kids painting! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Last year I did homemade hot chocolate mix in cute little Christmas buckets that I got at Big Lots. For Seth's teachers last year I bought sheets of magnets (comes in 4x6 sheets at Wal Mart) and had him draw pictures on them then cut them out to make magnets for each of the teachers. This year I am cross stitching bookmarks using patterns that involve only back stitch so they are quick to work up.