Saturday, December 19, 2009

Quick Weekend Check-In

Since this is the last Saturday before Christmas my wordle (join Shannon's party for this) is all decked out in holiday cheer. Of course, it's mostly about football and two-buck Chuck...

And my six words for today are:

I love spending time with friends!

My friend Laura, her mom Donna, and Laura's 5 1/2 month old Izzy are at my house for a few days! I'm enjoying early Christmas gift-giving, baby cuddles, and general girly giggles and conversation. We're planning a spa time this afternoon complete with the paraffin wax and the foot bath. Ahhhh, just what I (and we all!) need!



Call Me Cate said...

Hope you all had a great time at the spa!

Thanks for playing 6WS.

Brooke said...

aren't baby cuddles great? (until they start to cry). i'm very much looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew at christmas.

yonca said...

I love spending some time with my girlfriends too. It is so much fun:)
Hope you had a great time! Happy Holiday Lora!