Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday's Ten Announcement

I announced it here

I went through my regular routine Monday-Wednesday.

And I still forgot. To post a blog about 10 of my favorite ornaments...with pictures...I need to actually take pictures of the ornaments.


So...come back this evening. That will give all of you time to take ornament pictures as well! And now you've been warned :)

But, this isn't a completely wasted blog. I don't often get political/patriotic on this blog because while I have strong feelings on those particular things I choose very carefully the content I'm willing to put out there for debate and comment.

However...while I have not had positive feelings about war/invasions, etc...I do have friends who are serving in the military. I do support our people in uniform, regardless of their location on the globe.

One of my friends posted this link on facebook today. It's a website called "Let's say Thanks" and is a site where with a few mouse clicks you can send a postcard and message to a soldier overseas.

It's a small thing...but as we're all in our flurry of activity surrounding the holidays, it's nice to pause and say thanks.

See you all back here in a few hours--with ornament pictures!



Sassy Chica said...

Can't wait to see the pics of your favorite ornaments!

Sassy Chica

Ace said...

Thanks for stopping by! Isn't the CC choir the best? I'm so proud to say my husband is in it.

Hey, I was skimming and noticed you said back home in Indiana, that's where we're originally from too! Small, small world. (I prefer it here anytime though!)