Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Heart Faces: Hilarious Outtakes!

This week's theme is hilarious outtakes. They might only be hilarious for me--but here's a few funny pics I just HAD to share.

My friend Angie and I having cookies and milk...
...just the looks on our faces...

love this one
Izzy had just bit Anthony's hand
and it TOTALLY reminded me of that "Chahlie BIT me" video

same night, same baby
smiling for a picture with mommy
and all of a sudden, burst into tears

my friend Jean was having a birthday party
complete with a feather boa
which she dramatically slung over her shoulder
and I caught the picture immediately after...
...with a feather up her nose...

and finally
a friend's wedding
her twin nieces had fallen asleep during the ceremony
were less that thrilled to be awakened for photographs
and were terrified of that big white dress

click on the camera above all the pictures to see other hi-larious photos!



candacesoon said...

Great shots...I love the feather boa one!

Brooke said...

i think i would be cranky if someone woke me up from my nap and expected me to smile for the camera too!! :P

Katy and Ross said...

Love those! especially the boa!

Michelle said...

HA. Love the feathers!

Maya said...

Great photos! I love the last 2 in particular!

*from SITS


Debbie said...

Oh my! I love these. I thought the feather one was my favorite until I saw the screaming kids one!

Bethany said...

Those are great photos!! The feather boa one is my favorite, hehe!