Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a Great Day to Go to (Yet Another) Wedding

Happy Saturday everyone!
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Off to Caitlin and Pat's Wedding!

I say "yet another" in the post title because since Anthony and I have been dating it seems like we have one of these every few months!

However, this is the first one that one of us is involved in. This is his turn--he's a groomsman. In the next wedding that we know of (May) I'll be a bridesmaid as well as singing in the ceremony. However, this wedding is here...that one will be in Indiana. Slightly more long-distance!

Thankfully (for the most part) I just get to show up and enjoy all the festivities--beginning with the shower a couple of weeks ago, including the rehearsal dinner last night, and culminating in the wedding today. Caitlin and Pat have found a great little apartment just a couple of miles from me, so that's pretty cool...and I've made jewelry just to go with the dress I'm wearing to the ceremony tomorrow that I'm super excited about.

I'll have to post new jewels on here soon :) I've been busy lately!

Happy Saturday!


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