Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I ♣ This (Irish for I ♥ This)

nashville has a controversial piece of art
it's called musica
it's a gorgeous bronze statue in the middle of a roundabout on Music Row
some folks around here apparently took issue to it when it was raised
and it has the nickname of "nudies" to most of us natives
(but I still think it's beautiful. don't you?)

musica (or the nudies) has the (un)fortunate position of being an Irish pub
in fact, the pub that i spent a lot of time at before my friend opened his own
(and where i will still be going from time to time)

with all the irish and scottish pride rampant in nashville today
is it any wonder that the nudies were kilted?



Clare said...

I love it! Hubby and I always take a long walk from our hotel to it every time we visit.

I have been inside that pub to ask for directions!!

Anonymous said...

that would definitely be controversial where I live...people threw a fit over an "anotomoically correct" lion statue at the local mall!

Aleta said...

I like the statue but I think it's hilarious that it was kilted!!!!

Caution Flag said...

We have a 26 foot tall Spirit of Detroit statue here that always gets a Red Wings jersey during the NHL playoffs. I love it!