Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Volume 10

remember bank robber Santa?
he came back
as bank robber leprechaun

so the mystery is solved
but the guy in the suit(s) is dead
big-time police shootout
killed the driver of the getaway car eventually
and the actual robber killed himself as he fled on foot
thankfully, the only casualty on the law enforcement side was the police car that got shot up

(news story here)

nashville always makes the news for odd things...
(this time we made *international* news!)
i wonder what's next?



Caution Flag said...

We had a cross-dressing bank robber in our area this week. Wig, make-up, dress, heels (!) and mustache. Crazy, too, I think.

Anonymous said...

robbers are getting more stylish I guess ;-)

an award for you:

Megan said...

Wow! How crazy is that?! Nuts!