Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Ten: Oscar's Edition

So we're totally having a Red Carpet party for the Oscars this weekend...complete with dressing up. SO, I'm asking you. If you were actually walking the red carpet...or if you're like me and fake-walking the red carpet...what 10 things would be high on your list to get ready?

Here's mine:

Oscar Prep List

1. A killer dress
(or a cheap dress. I found one at Goodwill for less than $10. Yes, there will be pictures)
2. Hair in an updo
(this one will be difficult for me. shall have to experiment)
3. French manicure
4. fresh pedicure
(both of these will be done by me...just not in the budget for me to go to a salon)
5. great little evening bag
6. awesome shoes
7. an eyebrow wax
(I may go to the beauty school to get this done on the way cheap...IF I get around to it)
8. smokey eyes. just because I've been waiting for an excuse to try this.
9. a loss of approximately 50 pounds. I'll settle for 2 for this party since it IS in 4 days.
10. and finally...great lipstick!

Pictures will be forthcoming. What are you doing for the big night?

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Sandra said...

What a great idea to make the red carpet party! I would love to participate! It is sad that in our "normal lives" we dont have a lot of occasions to really dress up...So I`m looking forward to your pictures and I guess you`ve thought of about everything it needs to look glamorous!
Oh I`m coming from SITS to say hello :)

Bethany said...

That sounds like fun! I'm supposed to go for my first ever eyebrow wax this weekend with a friend in "celebration" of my birthday. Yikes!

Brooke said...

how fun :)

i usually don't watch the oscars because the low brow stuff i watch never gets nominated and the fancy pants ones that are nominated are movies i've never heard of!

Katy and Ross said...

Don't forget that your shoes must be Jimmy Choos or my personal favorite-Manolo Blahnik!

I've linked you up on my blog for a game...come play with us :)