Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .4

 hey, it's ok!

...to possibly love wrapping the presents as much as anything else at this time of year 
...to think that those fruit in a pouch deals for babies and toddlers are pretty awesome...and to consider adding a few to your own pantry since you never eat fruit and this would be one way to change that
...to giggle a bit at the baby terrorizing the cat before actually stopping said baby from said terrorizing
(really all he was doing was standing at the chair she was sitting in and reaching out to pet her.)
...to realize that a good number of your "hey it's ok" points involve children when you don't even have kids yet
...to get a little giddy about "the sing off"
...to kind of wish you could hibernate for this season because it's COLD
...to have been slightly freaked out when the mother of a couple of your students placed an albino ferret in your arms when you were dropping off some music at their house, followed by the realization that the animal was actually quite adorable and very snuggly!



Vanessa said...

My son terrorizes our cat constantly! And much to my dismay, no amount of coaxing him to stop works.
I want to hibernate also! Brr! So cold!
And the ferret...ewww! You're braver than I!

HappyascanB said...

I LOVE wrapping gifts!!! LOVE it!!!